Zinger Juice

Zinger Juice


Zinger Juice

There is nothing quite like fresh Zinger juice with breakfast and I wish that our mornings weren’t so frantic so that we could enjoy it more often.  Since we got a juicer a couple of years ago, we have tried a few juice combinations but this one is absolutely a favourite with the kids.  If you don’t have a juicer, then a blender will do, although you may like to run the juice through a sieve if you have family members who are anti-pulp.

Our kids are used to the ‘zing’ of the ginger in their juice and that was how this juice got its name in our family, however it is just as nice without, if there is no ginger on hand.

The beauty of using purple carrots is that if you use enough, it may make the juice purple, which always seems to delight my children!


Seven oranges, skin taken off

Four carrots, tops cut off

A two by two centimetre knob of ginger with the skin taken off


Put all the ingredients plus water through the juicer or into the blender and blend on high speed

Pour through sieve if desired

Mix well with a fork

Pour and serve

Zinger Juice

This makes about five adult size glasses of juice.  If you have leftovers or do a double batch, you may like to pour some into icypole moulds and freeze as a tasty and healthy treat on a hot day.

Zinger Juice



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