We’re Going Plastic Free

After three years in the fresh produce business The Organic Place is almost synonymous with its iconic big brown paper bag in which we deliver our goods. The bag conjures up thoughts of how our grandparents used to shop, when the world was devoid of plastic shopping bags and much more wholesome, both literally and figuratively.
I’m sure you will agree that opening the door to an overflowing brown paper bag, in lieu of thirty single use plastic bags containing just a few items in each, will leave you with a much more satisfying feeling and healthy conscience.
As you are aware, we have always only used a limited amount of plastic within our big brown paper bag, and have also given our customers the option to choose to be plastic free when ordering. In any case, the customers have spoken, and you have made it clear that you would like The Organic Place to be completely plastic free.
In our current climate where the War On Waste is becoming increasingly more valued and vital for environmental reasons, The Organic Place is happy to embrace this change. When we pack our bags for our customers, we will use plastic free options to separate different produce.

The only obstacle we face is that some of the farms from which we source our fruit and vegetables from pack certain produce, (such as cherry tomatoes, spinach, roquette, salad, and occasionally herbs and kale) in plastic. While this is not ideal, you can expect that the plastic used for these products to be recyclable.
If this is still a concern, you may wish to directly communicate with our suppliers and ask them to use a more environmentally friendly packaging for their produce. Another option is that you could reuse the packaging in your home for storage or donate the containers to local schools, kindergartens and childcare centres.
Reuse is always preferable to recycling as it keeps more products out of the waste system, a system which utilises a great deal of energy and creates pollution. In the same way, don’t forget that your previous week’s The Organic Place bag can be left out on delivery day so that our business can reuse the bag again. Any paper bags used within your delivery bag can also be reused in your home, put in the compost, or used as fire kindling.
We appreciate the feedback from our customers and always endeavour to meet your needs. If you would like some ideas on how to continue your own personal War On Waste, you may wish to read one of our earlier blog posts on this topic. And as always, please spread the word to your friends and family that The Organic Place is not only a healthier grocery delivery alternative for your body but also for the environment.

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