A Week in The Life of The Organic Place

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at The Organic Place? Want to know what it takes to get those delicious organic products to your door fresh and on time every week? Come along as we share with you a week in the life of The Organic Place…

The Organic Place

Tuesday: We receive all of our customer orders for the week. Orders for bread must be placed by 12pm on Tuesday, This allows the bakery the 30 hours required to prepare and make their beautiful sourdough bread. Fruit and vegetable orders must be placed by 8pm Tuesday.

Wednesday:  We receive our availability lists from the wholesalers. This tells us what items they should have available for us at the market this week. I say should because sometimes when we arrive at the market they may not always have all of those items available. This is due to unforeseen circumstances such as the weather, a truck not arriving or breaking down…such is life when you are dealing with fresh produce! If this occurs we will substitute items in mixed bags for something of the same value or if it an item a customer has specifically requested we will provide a store credit/refund and give them some complimentary pieces of fruit and vegetables for the inconvenience.

Thursday: The biggest day of the week for us…market and delivery day! It’s a super early start as we head to the market. Even though we have our list of orders there is still so much for us to consider when at the market. The biggest factor for us when choosing your fruit and vegetables is always quality. At the market, there are only three organic wholesalers so we rely on them to provide the items we need for your orders.

the farmers market, www.theorganicplace.com.au

Seasons have a big effect when purchasing organic (we talk more about this here). Right now, we are entering winter which means fruit is becoming less and less available. When there is so little, what is available increases in price. There may be one supplier who still has some of a particular fruit left but they are expensive and of poor quality. Because quality is so important to us we think it’s better to not have these items in the bags and substitute them for something else that is in the peak of its season and we know is going to taste great. When at the markets it’s a constant juggling act of balancing out cost, quality and quantity.

the farmers market, www.theorganicplace.com.au

Once we’ve collected everything from the market we head to our warehouse where our wonderful team packs up our customers’ orders and heads out to deliver them. We have no cold storage and hold no stock (with the exception of garlic, ginger, avocado, eggs and other dry goods) so everything is literally coming from the farm to your door in one day. You can’t get fresher than that!

Friday to Monday: We sleep. Just kidding! The rest of our week is filled with loads of behind the scenes action; office work, replying to emails, working on marketing and promotion, participating in community events, compiling orders, developing new ideas and researching new products…it never stops!

So there you have it, a week in the life of The Organic Place.

What did you get up to this week?

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