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Variety Bowls - The Organic Place

Variety BowlsVariety Bowls - The Organic PlaceI’ve always been the kind of person who wants to try a bit of everything; I’d much prefer to share lots of different dishes when eating out than ordering just one for myself. I often find myself wondering why places can’t do mini serves so then we can try everything -haha!

That being said, are probably my favourite meal to eat because you literally can have it all, a bit of everything and anything! I usually use whatever I can find in my fridge, which I’ve received from my Organic Place delivery, so it’s fresh and in season. I always like to have roast pumpkin or sweet potato but if you prefer rice or quinoa as your carb then go for it. I love love kale chips, leafy greens, roasted chickpeas and sometimes

Variety Bowls - The Organic Place
I’ll stir fry two to three veg such as: asparagus, broccolini, beans, squash or mushrooms. I usually like to incorporate in a few raw veggies too like: cucumber, grated beetroot, tomato, capsicum, spiralised zucchini or fresh corn.A few other things you could use are: roasted eggplant chips, brussel sprouts, eggs and sometimes I make up patties or fritters to include. I always use avocado and sauerkraut in all my bowls.

Variety Bowls - The Organic PlaceThe possibilities are literally endless!! I season all my roast veg with extra virgin olive oil and Mingle seasoning because the Mingles are a flavour explosion! To finish it off I like to top it with nuts, seeds and a yummy cashew cheese which I love – Botanical Cuisine, which I found in a health food shop, or just good old hommus or relish. I love making them very colourful so I know I’m getting loads of different nutrients and because it makes for a pretty picture of course 🙂 See below for some ideas of some bowls I’ve made and don’t forget you can keep it simple and just choose a few things to start with!

Variety Bowls - The Organic Place


Variety Bowls - The Organic Place


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