Five Reasons Why To Eat Organic

Organic Fruit

Organic Fruit
Living a healthy lifestyle starts with you. It starts with the decisions you make from the moment you wake up, until you go to bed. How can you achieve living a healthy lifestyle? by starting with your diet. Food is fuel and without it we just don’t run. While this may seem logical to many, for some they are just discovering how detrimental a healthy diet is to their day to day living. With that in mind, these are the top five reasons why you should eat organic foods.


Reason number one. Your body. The body is a machine and as they say what you put in is what you get out. Our bodies were never designed to process chemicals. Our body is of a natural composition and so should be the food you consume.


Reason number two which should really be reason number one. Chemicals. Man made products are being poured onto mass produced fruit and veg to help speed up the growing process, supplement what the overused land can’t provide and keep everything fresh during transport.


The third and best reason you should eat organic foods? variety. The meals you can make with just a few natural ingredients will always rise above the subpar quality of manufactured food. Some say organic food is too expensive and that is the biggest reason why they just don’t buy it. But, there are cost effective meals you can make with organic foods. Not to mention, farmers markets, CSA’s and community gardens almost always provide a cost effective way to eat organic while also helping small farms providing the best quality products.


The fourth and most important reason? Better health for our existing youth and future youth. Every parent wants to see their child grow to be healthy. Giving them a good foundation is the only way to continue healthy growth. More importantly, what you eat when you are carrying a child is hands down critical. You are laying the foundation for your future child’s life. Lay it well.


The final reason? You only have one body, and only so many chances to make it a body you can live with. Start by treating it right with organic foods.