The Organic Place Fathers

The Organic Place Fathers

We hope you have all had a wonderful Father’s Day with the important father figures in your lives. Even though Father’s Day only rolls around once a year, it is a great reminder to spend time with our families and be grateful for those who are the role models for our children. Today, as a tribute to our main men, the mums who work at The Organic Place are sharing about their significant others and their roles in our families.

The Organic Place Fathers


A little over eight years ago Ben became a first time father. He was always hands on helping with the nappy changes and things around the house whilst working in the construction industry six days a week. He’s a great father to our three children and a supportive partner to me. Ben loves to play practical jokes on us, like: jumping out from behind things to scare us, or tipping saucepans of cold water over us when we’re in the shower. He often breaks out with a line of song at the top of his lungs as we potter around the house! Ben loves to watch football with our little man and play games with the girls. Father’s Day usually starts with the kids waking up super early with excitement as they jump into our bed with the gifts they have made at school and kindergarten. We gather for a home cooked breakfast then head off for a random drive for lunch and an activity we find along the way.
We’re super lucky to have Ben in our lives. He is a great provider and role model and has always been supportive of The Organic Place. Thank you Ben. We love you xx

I would also like to take this opportunity to give a high five to my Dad. The most unconditional, loving gentleman I know. He has guided me on the sidelines though my way of life, enabling me to make educated decisions and never judged me on the mistakes I have made. He has empowered me to be the person I am today, taught me about resilience and I look forward to Ben and our children sharing a similar relationship.

And to the very good men in my life, Step-Dads (Pedro) and those that just took me in under their wing at such a young age (Doug), thank you. You didn’t have to but you did. You changed the way I thought about life and your kindness taught me life most important lesson. Thank you.


As soon as my kids hear my husband, Guy, pull up in the driveway at night they yell ‘Dads home!’ and they run for the door. He’s been a hands on dad from day one: never one to back away from nappy changes or middle of the night feeds. Guy loves football and fishing. Nothing makes him happier than weekends as a family watching his beloved Bombers or away in Eildon fishing (even if we do come home empty handed most of the time!).
Father’s Day is generally bacon and egg muffins for breakfast and the kids love surprising him with home-made cards and special gifts they’ve picked out from the Father’s Day stall at school. He’s known for his Dad jokes which often see the kids and I rolling our eyes and then laughing because they are so cheesy.
I hope he knows how much we love him and appreciate everything he does xx


My wonderful husband and father of our two beautiful children, Mario, is a boilermaker who is hardworking, putting in long hours six days a week. However, no matter how exhausted, he always has time to spend with the kids who are both waiting at the door to meet him when he gets home. Sundays are the kids’ favourite day as Dad is home. We start the morning with cuddles in bed and then Dad cooks a big breakfast with everyone’s favourites.
Mario loves working in the garden with our eldest son and building things in the garage together. He loves to spend time with our one year old daughter, watching her discover new things and get excited. Sundays also means family time at the park where he loves running around with the kids and seeing them laughing and having a great time. He is a great judge of character, is encouraging and supportive and is great working with his hands. We feel so lucky every day to have such an amazing father and husband.
In our home, on Father’s Day it’s all about spoiling Dad. This usually includes his favourite breakfast, a nice family drive, and an activity he loves that we don’t often get to do; like a going to a car show or heading to Bunnings for some shopping and a coffee.


Kim, my husband and father of our three year old, is the most loving, caring and fun dad I could ever asked for my daughter to have. He works full time but has always been a hands on dad. Kim is always ready to spend time with us, do housework, take our daughter to the park, have fun with her and he cooks dinner for us every night.
He loves the kitchen, and we celebrate Father’s day with lots of cuddles after a sleep in, preparing a nice breakfast for him, and taking him out for lunch to have his favourite food.
My daughter is a daddy’s girl, and I love to see the special bond they have. We both love him more than words can explain!


Andrew is my wonderful husband and father to our three rambunctious children. Andrew works at a reservation management software company and has always managed to help out at home with the kids and support my work and interests. We are very lucky that he is able to drop our kids to school each day and love it when the weekends roll around when he cooks for us. Food and sport are two of his greatest passions, and he is very good at both! Andrew enjoys taking the kids to their sporting activities, having a kick in the backyard or playing one of our many board games with them. On Father’s Day in our household it is all about letting Dad relax and enjoy some great food and coffee. It starts with all the kids jumping onto the bed and giving the gifts and cards they have made and then we deliver his favourite cooked breakfast in bed. We love you, Andrew. Thank you for all you do for us!


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