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Variety Bowls

Variety Bowls - The Organic Place

Variety BowlsI’ve always been the kind of person who wants to try a bit of everything; I’d much prefer to share lots of different dishes when eating out than ordering just one for myself. I often find myself wondering why places can’t do mini serves so then we can try everything -haha! That being said, are […]

Introducing Our New Social Media Manager, Katrina

Introducing Our New Social Media Manager, Katrina

Introducing Our New Social Media Manager, Katrina   Hi everyone!  My name is Katrina and I am the new Social Media Manager at The Organic Place.  You may have seen my name pop up before on The Organic Place website when I shared My Organic Story and recently when I have shared my fortnightly family-friendly […]

The Nature of Organics

The nature of organics - The Organic Place

The past few weeks have been a little tough for farmers, wholesalers and retailers within the organic industry. Recent weather has affected seasonal availability causing limited lines, increased prices and common staple veg (such as carrots) nowhere to be seen! So we thought we would take a little moment to explain exactly what goes on behind […]

What’s in Season- July

Eating organic means eating in season and with the start of a new month this week, comes new fruit and vegetables. Here’s what you can expect to be in season during July along with some nutritional information and interesting facts. Apples: A good source of dietary fibre, vitamin C and potassium. Organic apples have been more effective in […]

What’s in season- Winter fruits and vegetables

Bbrrrr, can you feel that chill in the air? The mornings are darker, the days are getting shorter and the winter weather is well and truly here! And with a new season comes a whole new variety of organic fruits and vetables. So what can we expect to be in season during the months of […]

Cold and Flu Busting Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Cold and Flu Busting Chicken and Vegetable Soup

We recently received an email from one of our awesome community group members, Stacey (you might remember Stacey from her apple and carrot muffin recipe ) asking if we’d be interested in her special cold and flu busting chicken and vegetable soup. Ummm, yes please! Take it away Stacey…. This soup is full of Antioxidents and immune […]

Ten tips to get your kids to eat healthy

It’s one of the biggest challenges parents face; how to get our kids to eat healthy. We want to give them the best start in life, we want them to be healthy and strong but what do you do when they turn their nose up at fruit or refuse to eat any vegetables? This week […]