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Organic Cabbage Rolls

Organic Cabbage Rolls

I almost don’t want to do share this recipe it’s just so good, but in the interest of not being a food scrooge and sharing the love here is my MOST FABULOUS recipe for cabbage rolls! There are a lot of recipes and variations out there, my cousin does a fantastic greek lemon version that are to die for, so you can experiment. Good additions are smoked pork bones at the bottom of the pot. Sometimes I add a dash of cayenne pepper, so go to work and create to your hearts content!

Katrina’s San Choy Bow with Cabbage

San Choy Bow with cabbage

Our resident Organic Place chef (aka- Sarah) took off today on a three week holiday to Japan (lucky duck!) So we recently put the call out to see if any of our wonderful community group members would like to step into Sarah’s shoes and have a go at making and sharing a recipe with us while […]

Mash Potato With Sauteed Cabbage

Opening up my bag this week i was inspired to make a family favourite side dish of Mashed Potato with tangy sautéed cabbage. I am maltese mostly but have some slovenian family too and this dish comes from there. I have always been inspired by the baltic and eastern european nations with their foods. They […]