Six Christmas Gift Ideas from The Organic Place

Six Christmas Gift Ideas from The Organic Place

We all have those people on our Christmas list who are difficult to buy for because: they have absolutely everything already; you don’t know them well enough to know what to get them; or they are a very practical person who always insists ‘please don’t buy me a gift’.  Well, I have six gift ideas to solve the problem of these difficult present-recipients.  The following covers a wide range of prices and gifts, all from The Organic Place.  And who wouldn’t benefit from a gift of health and wellness this Christmas?

The Organic Place Christmas gift pack

What’s in it: Cobs Organic popcorn, Organic Times Licorice, Organic Times Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts, Organic Times Vanilla Marshmallows, Organic Times Chocolate Chip Cookies, Organic Times Macadamia Cookies, Pana Chocolate block, 2die4 Nuts, complimentary reindeer food.

Price: $61.95

Perfect for: Foodies, health fanatics, lovers of all things organic, anyone who enjoys delicious treats.

Christmas Gift Pack - The Organic Place


Kehoes Vegan Cheese Pack

What’s in it: Kehoe’s Tasty Cream Cheese, Kehoe’s Pesto Cream Cheese, Kehoe’s Beetroot Cream Cheese.

Price: $35.95

Perfect For: Vegans, vegetarians, cream cheese lovers, people who like to entertain.

Kehoe's Vegan Cheese Pack


Hilbilby Firetonic gift pack

What’s in it:  A new high grade 90 ml stainless steel hip flask, a bottle of Original Master Tonic ‘Fire Tonic’ ACV Tincture, a stainless steel fire hose (pourer) so you don’t spill a drop.

Price: $40.00

Perfect for: Health and wellness people, people susceptible to colds or sickness.

Hilbilby Fire Tonic Gift Pack

Amazing Oils Magnesium Pack

What’s in it: a 250 ml Amazing Oils magnesium spray, and a 800 g packet of Amazing Oils magnesium bath flakes

Price: $61.95

Perfect for: People who are tired and having trouble sleeping.

Amazing Oils Magnesium Spray 2 Pack

Two Himalayan Salt Lamps

What’s in it:  Two Himalayan salt lamps with crystal bases – ideal for small rooms.

Price: $45

Perfect for: People with allergies, asthmatics, those who have trouble sleeping.

Himalayan Salt Lamp 2-4kg with Crystal Base - 2 Pack

Gift Vouchers

What’s in it: The vouchers can be used to purchase anything in our online store.

Price:  $10, $20 or $50 vouchers are available.

Perfect for:  Anyone!  Perhaps recommend a mixed bag to be delivered to a large family, an elderly relative, single parent, or busy couple to save them precious time and difficulty going to the shops.

Don’t forget that when you order these gifts that they will be delivered to your door the Thursday after you have purchased them (if you order by Tuesday 8pm).  You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to do your Christmas shopping!  Order those last minute gifts now!

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