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One of the biggest considerations for people when they shop is cost. Let’s face it, we’d all rather spend our money on going on a fun family holiday than bills and groceries right?  And yes, organic food can be more expensive than conventionally grown food, but here at The Organic Place we aim to make your weekly shop more affordable by keeping prices as low as possible.

To show you exactly what you can save by shopping with us, we decided to do a little experiment. We chose five of our favourite organic products and compared our prices with that of a major chain supermarket. You might be surprised at what we found…..

Organic Product Major Chain Supermarket The Organic Place Savings
Salad Mix $4.30 per 120g $4.20 per 120g $0.10
Bananas $10 per kg $6.99 per kg $3.01
Sweet Potatoes $12.60 $8.99 per kg $3.61
Garlic $8.02 per 100g $7.99 per 100g $0.03
Apples $7.00 $6.99 $0.01
Delivery $11.00 $7.25 $3.75

A total savings of $10.51 on just five products; imagine how much you could save doing an entire weekly shop!  And imagine what the extra money could go towards….that fun family holiday perhaps?

Here’s a few more easy ways you can save by shopping with us:

  • Take out a subscription, receive free shipping and save over $240 a year!
  • Sign up to our newsletter and receive a one off free shipping code
  • Place your order on Sunday before 8pm, enter the codeword ‘sundayfunday’ at the checkout and get 10% off
  • Check out our sales page on the website for current ‘on sale’ items
  • Refer a friend using your unique URL link (found on the dashboard page of your account) and get a $5 store credit for every friend that makes a purchase.

All that will pay for more than a few rounds of cocktails on the holiday, so get busy saving and enjoy!

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