Beetroot, Orange and Ginger Juice

There’s something about the warmer weather that has us digging through the fruit bowl at home, ready to concoct our favourite flavour combinations to cool down and nourish our bodies on hot days.

It’s hard to go past the classic orange – it’s such a comforting favourite – but a big hit of ginger can only make it better!

Add beetroot for a mega hit of calcium, iron, vitamins A and C, folic acid, fibre, manganese and potassium and you have yourself an amazingly-coloured, super-healthy, and utterly delicious sipper.

With this base you can do anything! We like to add fennel, carrot and a bit of lemon also, but apple is fantastic, mint, celery, parsley, kale – the sky is the limit! Or should that be ground?!

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Beetroot, Orange and Ginger Juice
  1. Prepare all your fruit and veg so it fits inside your juicing chute.
  2. Juice and enjoy!

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