Eggplant people, we are talking about eggplant this week, as it seems to be a vegetable that can confound people.

So prepare to be shocked and amazed at the versatility of this dish!

I’m about to go off on a Bubba Gump rant…. with this weeks recipe you can; serve it on chicken, as a topping for steak, as a side dish, as a pizza topping, as a vegetarian filling for pastry, as a sauce for pasta, as a filling for zucchini boats, as a bed for pan fried salmon…. I better stop there because I don’t know where it will end.


Ratatouille is a classic french dish that can have quite a few variations so you can adjust to taste.The main ingredients are Eggplant, Zucchini and Capsicum. I like to add mushrooms and if I’m making it for pasta I add basil. The following recipe is just a basic one so you can vary according to your taste and how you will be serving it.


1 x Eggplant

1 x Zucchini

1 x Red Capsicum

1 x Small onion

1 x Clove garlic

2 x Tablespoons Olive Oil

2 x Tablespoons Butter

3 x Tablespoons tomato paste

Salt and Pepper to taste

1/2 Cup chicken stock

1/2 Cup water

1 Teaspoon sugar


Dice your onion and gently sweat with the salt and pepper in the olive oil for 3 minutes. While that is happening cut your vegetables into fairly similar sizes then add to your onion.


Cook this down with the butter on a medium heat for 5 minutes until it softens.

Add the tomato paste, stock, water and stir through. Add the sugar – you can leave this out if you prefer but I add it to cut through the acidity of the tomato and stop it from becoming slightly bitter.


Let this mixture cook down for 5 more minutes or until most of the liquid has cooked down.

Tonight i am serving this by itself, in all its splendour as an entree just simply topped with crumbled goats feta.

Delicious and so handy to know how to use your eggplant and have a super versatile and quick dish.



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