Sprouted Lentil & Quinoa


Ingredients Do Not Contain Gluten





Ordering Notes

Upon placing your order, your Millet and Linseed loaf will be put into production and handmade especially for you—please allow up to 4 days before dispatch.


This Sprouted Lentil & Quinoa loaf is entirely naturally leavened and made from a careful choice of Certified Organic Gluten-Free flours and seeds.  Sprouted Biodynamic lentils, quinoa, pepitas and buckwheat seeds, greatly enhance the protein, fibre and nutrient content.  The miracle of sprouting, long fermentation, wholegrain flours and high protein seeds come together in a healthy wholesome loaf which is readily digestible and satisfying.  


The loaf is free from: dairy, baker’s yeast, potato starch, xanthan & guar gums, preservatives, sugar and egg.