Organic Spelt Muesli (Pecan Cacao & Toasted Coconut) 500g


  • Certified Organic and Vegan.
  • Free from sulphites and added sugar.
  • Free from chemical traces and GMO ingredients.

Characterised by an elegant balance, our Spelt Muesli is full-flavoured, satisfyingly textural and discretely sweet. Its wholesome, earthy base comprises premium Certified Organic rolled oats, spelt flakes and spelt puffs to which we have added a touch of the exotic — pecans and cacao nibs, natives of the Americas — and coconut flakes toasted in our stone hearth oven. Its aroma has the evocative quality of a slice of spelt sourdough freshly toasted.

Free from added sugar, its sweetness is nuanced and restrained, with organically grown currants, cacao nibs, and pecans, which are rich and buttery and have notes of maple syrup.

All ingredients are sourced from ethical agriculturists who nurture their soils, the planet and us.