Pan Fried Salmon with Dill Mashed Potatoes

Pan Fried Salmon with Dill Mashed Potatoes

Happy Easter everyone!

Who got dill in their bag this week? The perfect herb to accompany any kind of fish for this Good Friday.

I have chosen my favourite salmon dish for this week, a super easy, very tasty and filling way to serve a fish that even the most die hard carnivore will love.

Pan Fried Salmon with Dill mashed potatoes 

Of course vary the amounts of potatoes to serve more people.

1 portion skin on salmon

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper





1 Cucumber

1 red onion

3 Tablespoons White wine vinegar

1 Tablespoon Sugar


Make your mash the way you like best, I like to use hot cream and butter with plenty of salt and pepper at the end stage of mashing. Also don’t cut your potatoes if you can help it, this makes for a fluffier softer mash.

In a hot pan drizzle 1 tablespoon of olive oil and put the salmon in, skin side down with a bit of salt. You will be cooking the salmon most of the way through on this side to ensure a delicious crispy skin. (You will need the range hood on and possibly the kitchen window open. You will see the colour change on the sides of your salmon, when it’s almost cooked to your liking (I like med rare) flip over and turn off the heat. The residual heat in the pan will finish the cooking without drying out the fish. Then put aside.

With your finished mash just add plenty of fresh chopped dill, the more the merrier, it is a fantastic complimentary herb to salmon.

Finely slice the cucumber and red onion and put in a bowl. Add the white wine vinegar, sugar and salt and pepper. Thoroughly coat the cucumber and onion and let sit for a couple of minutes.

To serve flake the salmon just with your hands into lovely chunks and scatter on top of the mash. Top the salmon with the cucumber and red onion and vinaigrette to finish.

Pan Fried Salmon with Dill Mashed Potatoes

A lovely Good Friday friendly fish feast!

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