The Organic Place – Our Story

The Organic Place, Our Story,

People often ask me why our family chooses to eat organically. I think it’s really important to share our story and for people to understand that we are just a normal family and like many others we just want to do the best for our children and our health.

Our journey started after the birth of our third child. One Sunday morning we were sitting in the backyard having our usual bacon and egg breakfast. At three months old, our baby girl was sitting in her bouncer whilst our older two kids were running around playing. As they ran past, one of our kids bent down and gave our daughter a kiss. Not long after she was red from head to toe and still happily kicking away at the toys above her.

We took her to our local emergency care department who told us to take her straight to the Children’s Hospital as the doctor suspected she had measles. Turns out our daughter had an allergy to egg which then developed into severe eczema. Further tests revealed she was also allergic to peanuts, beef and chicken.

As a nurse, I already understood the relationship between food and health but we began to further question our food system and what was really happening to our food before it got to our plates. What were they really putting in the beef and chicken and eggs we ate? I did a little research and was unhappy with the information I found, some of which I plan to share with you on our blog in the coming weeks.

We made the decision as a family that, where possible, we would eat organic. But we soon discovered that sourcing affordable organic fruit and vegetable in the area we lived (Melbourne’s West) was near impossible. That is where the idea for the business came from. We saw a need for a service which delivered the products we were after without the hefty shipping costs. And so The Organic Place was born.

Our vision is to ensure healthy food is accessible, affordable and convenient for all. We believe that all families should be able to make informed choices about what they eat and to be able to affordably and easily source organic food. For us, eating food that meets organic certification standards means that we can trust what we are putting our bodies and we love that we can help other families do the same!

If you want to hear (and watch) a bit more about us, why, how and where we operate just click on the video below.

Western BACE Case Study: The Organic Place from Western BACE on Vimeo.

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