Our #Secret Delivery

Wondering why we’re making deliveries on a Monday?

Wondering why we’re making a secret delivery?

Today we launch “The Office Box!” – A box of beautiful fresh organic fruit to snack on during work hours.

What’ s that go to do with a secret delivery?

Well,  we had planned to launch The Office Box a little later in the year, then we moved into our new office and thought, hey why not launch it now. We then received an email from an office asking for a office delivery on a Monday morning.  Great timing we thought! It’s meant to be. We will deliver our #Secret Office Box and launch it to everyone else the following week. The best part, the email was signed “Hamish and Andy!”

So from today, you can tell your Boss to order The Office Box, a weekly organic fruit box delivered on a Monday morning to provide employees with a healthy snack during work hours.

Help increase energy levels, product output and reduce sick days by promoting a healthy workplace.

Your employees will thank you for it in the end!

Orders must be placed by Friday for a Monday delivery. 

Have a little listen to Hamish and Andy talking about their delivery here: http://goo.gl/6gcO8n