Our Organic Swap – Orange Juice

Gone are the days where you can assume all orange juice is literally just the juice of an orange! When shopping conventionally often natural flavours and vitamins are added and sometimes reconstituted juice is used! This means the juice is placed at a high heat to remove 80% of its water content turning it into a concentrate (Water is then added to the fruit concentrate before it is distributed). Unfortunately when using this process it means the juice doesn’t contain the same nutrients you’d find in natural fruit juices as the heating process the juice undergoes destroys most (if not all) of the natural nutrients and enzymes. Here at The Organic Place we stock Sunzest Organic orange juice that comes from the same farm as our organic oranges! The Sunzest owner could no longer sell his oranges to the bigger juice companies because of cheap imported concentrate. So he decided to have a go himself and began making his own brand of orange juice and that’s how the Sunzest story began. Found locally in Somerton, VIC you can be sure that you are dealing directly with an Australian grower and the produce is Australian grown!

Don’t forget to add Sunzest orange juice to your order at here  by 12pm Tuesdays! 🍊

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