Our Motherhood Journeys from The Organic Place Staff

Everyone’s experiences as a mother vary but each is just as valid. We asked the mums on staff to share their motherhood journeys this Mother’s Day. We hope our mother and carer customers have a wonderful time with their loved ones today.


 Motherhood began for me almost eight years ago with the birth of our son, followed up a year later by our daughter, and another year after that with another daughter. For me, their births were the best moments of my life: the love, the bond, the connection and the instinct to protect them. I have no words to describe it all. I found the first baby the hardest. Not because I had no mothering skills (I am the oldest of five children, the youngest 13 years younger than me) but because no one told me about the lifestyle change. Everyone is too caught up in being excited about the baby; guessing names and weight; being thrilled that your relationship with your partner is flourishing; and of course, giving advice on how you should be doing things. They don’t warn you about the reality.

 I was having the time of my life after Ryder was born – so in love! I could stare at him all day but I was also lonely. Beforehand I had a very social life: I worked in a team six days a week, talking with staff and patients; and chatted with Ben a few hours a night after he finished work. Despite missing that, being a mum is what I love most and becoming a mum made me happy. My children drive me crazy, they make me laugh, smile, cry, and proud to call them my children. I miss them immensely when they are not with me and wish I could press pause and keep them little forever. My motherhood journey feels like it’s going way to fast. All three of them are completely different: they have different needs, personalities, and require different parenting styles. Journeying through life with them alongside Ben, my partner, is the reason I am content and happy. Mind you, if you asked me this question at 9.05 am on a school morning when we were fifteen minutes late for school because of lost shoes and no one wanting to get out of bed, I probably would have had a completely different answer! My advice to other mums would be to do what works best for you and your family and in order to be a good mum and partner you also need to take some time for yourself!

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I am the mum of two boys and a girl aged eight, six and three. My motherhood journey has been one of various lessons.  With my first I had to get used to my life revolving around my newborn, not me, and realise that as a mother you can never switch off entirely.  As a worrier from way back, this was hard to get used to. My second child taught me that no two children are the same, even if you parent them exactly the same way.  My first had been a ripper sleeper but my second had reflux and was very much a velcro baby. I had to adjust my expectations of him and myself. By the time my third child rocked up I was well on the way to being a much more laidback mum. She taught me that I can’t control everything and that I need to give myself a break: do the best you can at the time. After giving so much of myself in the role of a mum, I also realised that when time allowed, I needed to grant myself time to be the me I used to be before children. As my children get more independent I am learning to be my own advocate for time to myself and realising that a happy mum pursuing her passions is good for the whole family. If I were to pass on advice to other mums I would let them know that there will absolutely be both good and bad days but try not to sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the beautiful moments, learn from the hard ones, and keep plodding on.


I am a mum of two beautiful children. My journey into motherhood began five years ago with my thrill-seeking son. Before children I was an organised and structured person and thought, ‘This will be easy’. Well, I had no idea what I was in for.  My first is adventurous, fearless and pushes all the boundaries. My second, our beautiful nine month old daughter, is already head-strong and determined and knows how to stick up for herself, especially when up against her five year old brother. Her arrival taught me that it’s okay to ask for help sometimes and it’s okay to say no.  Every day we have tears from kids and Mum, and exhaustion, but we also have laughter, smiles and new experiences together. Our beautiful children have livened up our lives and I feel blessed every day when I see those beautiful smiles.


 I am the mum of a three year old. Motherhood is the best and most rewarding job I have ever had. Being a person that always liked to have a plan for everything, my beautiful daughter taught me since the second she was about to born that it was not going to be that way. She is full of attitude, mischievous and sometimes pushes all my buttons, but she is the most loving and caring little girl I know. She melts my heart every single day.

Thanks to her I know what unconditional love is since the first time I had her in my arms. No matter how many tantrums or how difficult a day is, I love her to pieces and would never ever change anything about her.


I am the mum of two awesome kids aged nine and seven who are polar opposites; so much so, we joke that they must have different parents! Watching them grow has been the most amazing experience and I’m so proud of the wonderful little humans they are. My motherhood journey had a rocky start with a sick little bubba and a dose of postnatal depression thrown in. Although it was incredibly hard to go through, I can now say I came out the other side stronger than I have ever been. It also taught me to appreciate the little things and the need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of them.

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