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Here at The Organic Place we don’t only provide fresh fruit and veg, we also have a wide variety of other products too. We put in a lot of time researching a product before we decide to include it in our online store. We like to make sure it’s the real deal and so when we came across the Hilbilby Cultured Food we just knew it was perfect for us and our wonderful customers. Based in Torquay, Victoria, Hilbilby Cultured Food is a family owned business that was born from the same reasons as The Organic Place;  the health needs of our children. Tonight, we talk to owner and creator of Hilbilby Cultured Food and discover the story behind it all.

Mark (left) pictured with pro surfers Kelly Slater and Kalani Miller who are both big fans of Fire Tonic

Tell us a bit about yourself

I have a background in Tertiary education, in particular Exercise Physiology, Fitness, Nutrition. I was the first to use Cyndi O’Meara’s Changing Habits, Changing Lives as a text book circa 1999. These days, I’m a self-described experifermentalist and make of Fire Tonic (Original Master Tonic).

When and why did you start Hilbilby Cultured Food?

Our products were developed about 3 years ago to help our Hilbilby kids with special dietary requirements; 2 of which are in the Autism spectrum. We discovered that a gluten free, dairy free diet, high in fermented foods helped their gut and their mind. We discovered less irritable, higher functioning li’l Bilbies!

What exactly is Fire Tonic and how is it made?

Fire Tonic is a raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) tincture, a living culture with a particularly strong mother of vinegar. Along
with local raw honey and > 20 other highly beneficial roots, fruits and shoots are hand chopped and left to infuse in the ACV for a minimum of 3 months. Once steeped the solids are blitzed into a Fire Sauce and the liquid is bottled as Fire Tonic. Absolutely nothing is wasted.

Why should we drink fire tonic?

You get all the benefits of a high quality live ACV as well as all the anti-inflammatory and immune boosting benefits from the infusion of fresh ingredients…it also tastes amazing! Benefits include (though are not limited to):

– boosts immunity
– stimulates metabolism
– inhibits and reduces muscle cramps
– assists with post work out recovery and reduces delayed onset muscle soreness
– kills harmful bacteria and yeasts (including those that cause candida)
– regulates body’s pH (alkalising effect)
– reduces blood sugar
– feeds good gut bacteria (pre-biotic)
– prevents / reduces indigestion
– detoxifies the liver
– cleanses lymph nodes
– soothes a sore throat
– increases satiety / reduces appetite (therefore helpful with fasting, making weight & weight loss easier and quicker)
– reduces blood triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure.

How do I take fire tonic?

Fire Tonic is a potent immune booster and metabolic stimulant; for first time use a cap full (5ml) is plenty, then the recommended dosage as a daily health tonic is 10ml – 15ml, 1 – 3 times per day for effect, more for an extra boost. Click HERE for some other ideas on how to mix and take Fire Tonic.

Thanks to Mark for sharing his story with us.

You can now shop the full range of Hilbilby Fire Tonic via The Organic Place website.

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