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Everybody who chooses to eat organic has a story about why. For some people it was a big event that shifted their thinking, for others it may have been a slow change over time. Whether your story is big or small it is always significant. We love hearing our customers stories; the reasons why they choose to eat organic. The stories are always different….and interesting. The ‘My Organic Story’ series is about opening up this space to our customers to share their stories. Today, we meet Crystal…..
american mum,

Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Crystal and my husband and I, along with our two kids moved to Australia from America last year.  My husband was provided with a job opportunity here as a national operations manager, so we took it.  We sold everything we owned and moved here nothing but our clothes. We thought that our kids were the perfect age (4 and 6) to move across the world and experience a different culture.  I went from being a super busy full-time working mom to a stay at home mom.  I have used this time to better myself in many ways.  Before moving here my diet was not a healthy one, we would eat out a lot and did not exercise.  I have started eating better, working out and practicing yoga.  I have found yoga to be a key component in my mental and emotional wellbeing.  I’ve have also started a blog called American Mum. It began as a way to keep our friends and family informed on how we are doing in Australia. Since then it has gain quite a few other followers and I have included posts about my health journey and traveling around Australia.  We are determined to explore all around this country in the few years that we will be here.
american mum,
How long have you been eating organic for and what made you start?
I haven’t been eating organic for very long.  The Organic Place is my first real consistent purchase of organic fruits and veggies.  I was riding the train home from exploring the city one day and somehow stumbled across The Organic Place on social media (it was either through Facebook or Instagram).  I was intrigued by what I saw and checked out the website.  I loved Brooke’s story and that it was a local business so close to my home. I also hate going to the grocery store so getting a surprise delivery of fresh organic food was so appealing to me.
What is one thing you wish more people understood about organic food?
Since this has been my first experience with organic food I can say that along with the benefits for the environment and no harmful chemicals the food noticeably tastes better. I am really enjoying the variety that I get my my mixed bags.  Each time it has me jumping on pinterest to see what interesting healthy dishes I can make.  My kids love it too. I don’t unpack the bag until they get home from school because they get so excited to see what fruits and veggies we received.  Thank you The Organic Place for helping me along my way on this healthy journey.
american mum,
And thank you Crystal for sharing your story with us today!
You can check out Crystal’s ‘American Mum’ blog here. She is also on facebook and Instagram where she often shares recipes and pics of the meals she creates using her Organic Place produce like the yummy pumpkin and carrot soup pictured above.
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