My Organic Story- With Cobie Higgins

We love it when we find people that are just as passionate about healthy living and organic food as us; and Cobie Higgins is just that person. Cobie recently became part of our Organic Place community when we started delivering to her home town on the Surf Coast. Cobie is the creator of inhalehealthy, a gorgeous and inspirational Instagram community full of recipe ideas, food pics and healthy living inspiration. When we read Cobie’s story we just knew we had to invite her to share that story with us. We hope you enjoy getting to know Cobie as much as we did.

Tell us a bit about yourself

After studying community services I now work on a casual basis supporting disadvantaged children, which I really love, along side studying integrated nutrition to become a health coach. I love all things health and wellness and am very passionate about investing time into looking after the mind and the body to live a healthy and happy life.

When and why did your healthy eating/living journey start?

My healthy life style started about 5 years ago. After living and working 3 snow seasons and then in between 3 summers by the beach . It was time for a change, Id put on weight and I wasn’t feeling good about myself so I initially started a 12 week program which included recipes and work outs; before this I didn’t even know how to cook! I’ve learnt so much along this journey and a lot has changed along the way. When I first started I never thought Id be where I am now; a die hard health nut!

You were involved in a serious car accident in 2015. Can you tell us a bit about that?

I was on my way to Melbourne to meet a friend for brunch and I was hit by a cement truck at 80 kilometres, they said it was a miracle I survived! My injuries included a broken pelvis, broken ribs, a punctured lung, a traumatic brain injury and hand and back injuries, I was in hospital for two months in Melbourne before being able to return home to Geelong and continue my rehabilitation at The McKellar Centre. I had an amazing team of therapist, which included a occupational therapists, physio therapist, neurologist, hydro therapist, speech pathologist, sleep specialist and psychologist. I had to learn how to walk again along with a lot of basic living. I was an out patient in the rehab centre for 19 months and still continue some visits in the community to a remaining therapist to keep on progressing. My focus now is working with my vocational provider on a return to work plan to build my body back up to working full time as fatigue was a severe problem. It’s been a long and hard journey to say the least but I know I have learnt and grown in ways I wouldn’t in a whole life time if it wasn’t for these obstacles I faced and everyday I am very grateful and see the world with new eyes.

Tell us about Inhalehealthy

Inhalehealthy began unintentionally after the string of snow seasons ended, I wasn’t feeling good about myself and my body and I wanted to make a change. My posts slowly became all about health and fitness and at this stage it was my personal account so I decided on a name change and that’s when @inhalehealthy was born. Its not just an Instagram page to me, throughout recovery it has been an absolute blessing having something else to focus on whilst rehab was like a full time job’, so inhalehealthy was a place I could switch off from it all and use as an outlet as I documented my journey, I feel so grateful to have such an amazing supportive community through it also. It became more food focused when I could no longer walk but Id like to transition it back to all round healthy living.

One of Cobie’s yummy creations using some Organic Place produce.

Why do you choose to eat organic?

I love how easy it is having my ‘The Organic Place’ bag delivered to my door and knowing that my fruit and vegetables are organic, in season and not covered in nasties like pesticides. They also taste much better!

What’s your favourite go to snack?

My favourite go to snack would have to be home made bliss balls, they are so versatile and the combinations and flavours are endless. Or you can’t go wrong with a handful of raw nuts.

You can find Cobie at Inhalehealthy where she regularly shares recipes, gorgeuos food pics and healthy living inspiration



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