My Organic Story- Arzu (Vitality and More)

Everybody who chooses to eat organic has a story about why. For some people it was a big event that shifted their thinking, for others it may have been a slow change over time. Whether your story is big or small, it is always significant. We love hearing our customers stories; the reasons why they choose to eat organic. The stories are always different….and interesting. The ‘My Organic Story’ series is about opening up this space to our customers to share their stories. Today, we meet Arzu…..

Arzu is the mother of three teenagers and blogger on all things organic at Vitalityandmore where she shares her recipes, health information and the most amazing images of her food creations. Arzu healed herself from an auto-immune condition by changing to an organic lifestyle and eating wholefoods together with using homeopathy. She is passionate about spreading the word on how food really is medicine. Her illness has taught her to practice more mindfulness and eat seasonally, organically grown foods. She now experiments more and more in the kitchen by cooking and creating tasty dishes and desserts without refined sugars and all natural ingredients. She considers health as the greatest wealth and she has a lot of fun sharing this creativity on her Instagram and facebook pages.

How long have you been eating organic for and what made you start?

Three years ago when I was unwell and found myself with an auto-immune condition that was exacerbated by eating foods loaded with toxins, I ate a lot of fruit and veggies. In fact, I grew up in a fruit and veg shop which my parents owned, but clearly I was
eating non-organic produce all these years and it eventually took a toll on my body! At first I began to wash and rinse my fruit and veg with vinegar wash but found this to be all too hard and then one day after visiting my homeopath for a treatment when
I was very unwell, I came home and threw out everything from my pantry and fridge (after donating what I could) and that was the end of that. It was the beginning of a new era of eating for our whole family.

Some of Arzu’s images from her Vitalityandmore Feed

What have you found to be the biggest challenge when it comes to eating organic?

The biggest challenge is eating at friends and family homes when they are unable to offer organic food. Also being social and going out for dinner and of course, travelling. However I now have enough knowledge and understand what my body can and can’t tolerate if it’s not organic and so I try to eat or choose foods that are as natural as possible. I always rely on the “dirty dozen” and “clean 15” list by the Environmental Working Group; this is such an educative tool and everyone who is unsure about organic food should carry a copy on them.

What do you wish more people understood about organic food?

At first I experienced some resistance from family and friends telling me that we were wasting our money or that things were not organic, etc. Unfortunately, if people have not been exposed to having toxin overload or haven’t suffered with an
illness, then they don’t understand the dangers of neuro-toxins and pesticides in food.  A lot of people have so many allergies these days and with all of the research and reading I’ve done, I keep coming back to the same conclusion; that it’s simply not the food you are allergic to, it’s what’s been done to that food as it’s growing and as it’s been processed.  I try to share and educate as many people as possible; in fact this is where my Instagram and facebook page began.  But not everyone is interested in knowing the truth about food. I don’t profess to be an expert, but I do know that going organic for our personal care, food, and even my beauty products has significantly changed my life and I will not be turning back. I practice more mindfulness in my cooking, eating, do yoga and meditation to stay grounded and find inner peace.  My children have all embraced this organic lifestyle and I’m so blessed that they will continue this legacy with their family one day too. The first thing my youngest daughter learnt (and she’s almost 16 now) was to read the labels of everything. If it contained numbers, chemicals, she would put it down. We don’t even shop in Coles or Woolworths anymore! I shop locally, at markets and at wholefoods places including The Organic Place and always tell my friends and family where they can access all this food too.  I do hope to start an actual blog this year to share more and eventually perhaps even write a book. But all this takes time and for now I will continue the passion and spread the good word about organic eating and health.

Thanks so much to Arzu for sharing her story with us and be sure to head over and follow Vitalityandmore where you can find all of Arzu’s wonderful recipes and be the first to know when her new blog launches!

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