My Organic Story – Aimee

My Organic Story

My Organic Story

In today’s My Organic Story we hear from one of our customers, Aimee, an artist, wife of a pilot and mother of two, who explains how The Organic Place made it easy to kick start her family into a healthier lifestyle.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

 I’m a busy mum of two kids, both whom have small special needs when coming to food and support.  I am an artist, you can find me at on Facebook and Instagram as Aimees Visual Arts.  My husband is a pilot so life is not always ‘normal’ and we can be all over the place.

When and why did you start to eat organic?

Both of my kids had huge anxieties about putting food into their mouths and my daughter also has fructose issues. It is no wonder they are like this because compared to what we grow ourselves or even the fruit and veg we ate as kids, the food we get from the supermarket these days is dull and boring.  A carrot could taste the same as a bean and we kept feeding them these veggies and they weren’t learning to love them at all.

We have done a year of SOS food training with the amazing OT Hannah at DOTS and now each Thursday we unpack The Organic Place fruit and veg bag and talk about its produce: what surprises there are, what colours, what smells and whether they are crunchy or soft.  We are really giving the kids a chance to find that vegetables are good for them.

I had even fallen off eating enough veggies myself. I similarly found them tasteless, so it made sense that the kids didn’t like them either.

As I have scoliosis and needed to get my body back running and moving, I also realised that healthy organic food would be better fuel for my body than the processed addictive junk I was craving.

What do you think are the benefits of eating organic?

We are driven to eat more veg and fruit because of the better taste.

What barriers have you come across purchasing organic before The Organic Place? (eg. not readily available, expensive etc)

Before we found The Organic Place I had looked into organic and at the supermarket is was way too expensive, and sourcing from other areas, being a busy mum, it was completely out of my way.

What do you wish more people understood about eating organic?

It tastes amazing! The kids are learning very quickly to love their fruit and vegetables.

Anything else you’d like to share?

 Pros of The Organic Place: the bag is delivered to your door, (no waiting around for strange hours if you’re not home and whack out a eski on a hot day);  you can reuse the brown bag; it tastes amazing;  it’s an understanding team; it’s not just veggies but there are other hidden gems in the store to try out; it’s kick started us into being a healthy family.

My Organic Story - Aimee

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