The Organic Place versus Supermarket Price Comparison

While we all know eating organic is one of the best things we can do for our bodies and the planet, we have heard discussions that organic food is more expensive than its conventionally produced counterparts. This may be true but can we really put a a price on our health and that of the planet? More importantly, are the big supermarket chains charging too much for organic produce which is ultimately hurting the good organic name?

We totally understand that our customers want value for money when it comes to their household budget, so we put our detective hats on and compared current prices at The Organic Place to similar produce at the big Australian supermarket chains.

We found that in 80% of cases The Organic Place was cheaper and that on average you saved 13% than when you shopped at the supermarket.

Prices correct as at 23 June 2018.

For similar areas, we’re often the cheaper option when it comes to delivery fees, too.

The big gun supermarkets have astronomical buying power, which means they get to purchase their items at a much cheaper price. While we don’t get those perks, we still endeavour to pass on similar prices to the consumer (that’s you!). We are families too and have to be practical with our expenses, so we totally understand the food-buying issues everyone is facing.

The advantage with purchasing produce from The Organic Place is that all fruit and veg comes fresh from the market that day. We tell you exactly where it all comes from, can guarantee that it’s all from Australian farms, and we take care to get the produce to you in a sustainable way (we no longer use single use plastic and are almost entirely plastic free).

Of course it is difficult for us to provide the wide range of fruit and vegetables that you see available year-round at your local supermarket, as we only stock what is in season – you’ll notice this most with fruit and herbs. Everything we sell is subject to market availability, but we get it to you fresh, in tune with the seasons, and for the best price we’re able.

If you have any other questions or issues about ordering or eating organic, you can find our FAQs here, or just ask! We’re happy to investigate on your behalf.

Do you find price prohibitive when you buy organic?

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