Our Organic Product Range – Uses and Benefits


We’re not just in the business of fruit and veg, we’re in the business of organic and we have a great and ever growing range of organic products. Here are some things you might not know that we stock, as well as bit about their uses and benefits.

Coconut Oil:

They say you should have three jars of coconut oil in your house at all times; one in the kitchen, one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom. Coconut oil has loads of health benefits and lots of different uses. It can be used in cooking, often as a substitute for oil in baking or frying. In the bathroom it has countless uses; as a moisturizer for your skin, lips and hair, a gentle make up remover, mosquito bite and cold sore treatment and to whiten teeth. In the bedroom? Well, it can be used a massage oil or a natural lubricant. Do yourself a favour and read the label of a bottle of lubricant. The main ingredients are usually petroleum along with other types of synthetic chemicals. Do you really want to be using something so harsh on one of the most sensitive parts of your body?

Shop Coconut Oil here.

Fire Tonic:

Our Hillbilly Fire Tonic is a raw unfiltered and unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar  adapted from a traditional Gypsy recipe and handmade in small batches in Torquay on the Surf Coast of Victoria, Australia. Fire tonic has a long list of health benefits including soothing a sore throat, boosting immunity, good gut bacteria and metabolism, reducing muscle cramps, reflux and heartburn. Fire tonic also detoxifies the liver and reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. All that in one tiny drink!

Shop Fire Tonic here.


Kombucha is another one of our favourite drinks. It is a fermented tea drink which comes in a variety of flavours and helps to improve digestive health by balancing out bad bacteria with lots of all-natural good stuff. This plays an important role in looking after our gut health, immune system and digestion. And it’s quite tasty too!

Shop our Kombucha range here.

Magnesium Bath Flakes:

Our pure magnesium chloride flakes are sourced from the deserts of Australia. Soaking in a bath with these flakes added will boost your magnesium levels, relieve tired/sore muscles, relax your nervous system, detox your lymphatic system and relieve symptoms of general skin conditions. Our flakes can also be used by children and each pack will provide you with approximately eight luxurious baths or over twenty foot baths. (Go on, you deserve it!)

Shop our Magensium Bath Flakes here.

Organic Raw Honey:

Apart from the fact that it’s absolutely delicious, organic raw honey provides many important health benefits including soothing coughs and sore throats, boosting memory (true story), treating wounds, providing energy and relieving dandruff (bet you didn’t know that!) You can scrape some on your bread or toast, add some to your tea, coffee or water or use in baking/cooking for a healthy, sweet treat.

Shop our Organic Raw Honey here.

Pana Chocolate:

Our delicious range of organic Pana Chocolate really only has one use…you eat it! And the benefits? Well it makes you happy and satisfies those chocolate cravings without the guilt.

Spoil yourself with some Pana chocolate this week here.

And that’s only some of our organic product range, you can check out everything we have here. And don’t forget if there is any other organic products you would love to see us stock please feel free to send us an email at hello@theorganicplace.com.au or leave us a comment on our Facebook or Instagram page.







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