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The Organic Place Gift Pack

We’ve all been in that situation where you need a gift but are completely stuck for ideas. Fortunately, The Organic Place has an amazing gift pack that appeals to a wide range of people and is suitable for nearly every occasion. Whether you are buying it as an individual, chipping in with a few friends or using it as a gift from a business, The Organic Place gift pack will cater for all.

The Organic Place Gift Pack 

For the friend who has everything

We all have that friend who has everything. You are well aware that if they need or want something, they will not hesitate in buying it for themselves. This makes it very difficult to buy for them. The Organic Place Gift Pack is perfect for this type of person because it is probably not something they would buy for themselves and is full of practical products.

For the person you don’t know that well

Likewise, we all have a person we need to buy for who we don’t know particularly well.  Like your mother’s cousin, for example, who comes to every annual Christmas catch up and brings you a present. Despite having had plenty of conversations with them, you can’t divulge what they like. Consequently, buying them a gift in return is a very tricky business!  The Organic Place Gift Pack works here also, as who doesn’t like a gift pack full of goodies to try out?

The Organic Place Gift Pack

For the friend in need

My all-time favourite idea of how to use this gift bundle is for someone in need. Do you know someone who is doing it tough and might need a little light in their life? Whether for a family with a new baby, a friend who is dealing with illness, or someone who is renovating their house, this gift pack means they have some healthy products on hand to keep them going, and gives them one less thing to worry about. Better still, if you think the person in need probably doesn’t want someone turning up at their door, you have the option of having the gift pack delivered straight to them from The Organic Place.

For clients and customers

For business owners such as builders, real-estate agents or any others who find themselves needing to provide a gift to their clients, The Organic Place Gift Pack solves so many issues.  Wine or chocolates may not be to everyone’s taste and a framed photo may be inappropriate or bordering on awkward for a single person. Our gift pack, however, should suit all manner of people: singles; couples; families; all ages, religions, diets and cultural backgrounds. Everyone has to eat, right? What could be more lovely than a plethora of packaged deliciousness that is also good for you as well?

The Organic Place Gift Pack 

What’s in the pack? 

So, what’s in The Organic Place Gift Pack?  Our standard gift pack includes:

  • Zeally Bay granola
  • Douglas Park jam
  • Kehoe’s Kitchen dip
  • crackers
  • choc chip cookies
  • Cobbs popcorn
  • potato crisps
  • coconut water.

But, don’t stress if some of these aren’t the right fit for the recipient of your gift. There is an option to customise your own gift pack, including the packaging.

The Organic Place Gift Pack


How can I order?

You can purchase the gift hamper from the comfort of your own home and in minutes. Simply head to The Organic Place website and place your order. If you are running short on time or need to deliver the gift straight to the recipient, for whatever reason, you have the option of sending it directly to their address.

Remember The Organic Place Gift Pack for your next special occasion and there will be winners all round!

For more information or to discuss your customised gift pack please caller friendly team on 0401 014 162.

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