No Plastic Bags Here: Five Reasons We Are Cleaner And Greener

Five Reasons Why You Should Eat Seasonally

In the wake of the plastic bag ban, most of us have come to appreciate that we need greener everyday habits to ensure the longevity of our environment. While the majority of supermarkets are only getting on board now, The Organic Place has been advocating for cleaner and greener produce, materials and procedures from the beginning. Here are five reasons why The Organic Place is better for the environment and you and your family’s health.

  1. No plastic bags

At The Organic Place we utilise big brown paper bags to deliver our produce in, and the produce within that bag is usually contained in smaller brown paper bags. The Organic Place as a company does not use plastic at all, but sometimes growers from whom we buy produce, may package their goods (usually small loose items) in reusable or recyclable plastic containers. We are committed to not using single-use plastic. In contrast to the big supermarket chains, our big brown bags are sturdy, free of charge, and are less detrimental to the environment should they end up being thrown out. The fact is, by ordering from The Organic Place, our one brown bag filled with smaller paper bags are replacing a great many more plastic bags than if you chose to have a delivery service from one of the larger supermarket chains. What’s more, our bags are both reusable and recyclable. We give customers the option of leaving out the previous week’s bag on delivery day for us to take and reuse. Reuse is higher up on the Waste Hierarchy list and can significantly reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

2. Local means a low carbon footprint

The Organic Place sources their produce from Australian farmers. While the benefits of fresher, tastier produce are obvious for our health and appetites, it also means a lower carbon footprint. If you purchase food from overseas, the transport of the produce, (whether trucks, planes, boats and so forth), uses a ridiculous amount of energy and pollutes our air. By buying locally we are reducing transport and energy time significantly and thus reducing the damage on our precious environment. It seems silly to purchase food from the other side of the world when we have delicious, seasonal, organic produce right at our doorstep. And of course that means our money stays in the pockets of our Australian farmers and growers.

3. Cleaner farming methods

By purchasing from The Organic Place and supporting organic farming, you are also supporting cleaner and greener farming methods. Because the produce sourced from the markets is seasonal, it does not need any encouragement to grow through the use of pesticides or chemicals. The fact that they are certified organic similarly indicates that they have been grown without any intervention that could be harmful to the environment. Think about it – when pesticides and chemicals are used in farming, they don’t only go into the produce but run offs means they could seep into our waterways, into our soil (taking important nutrients from it), not to mention the harm of chemicals which are airborne. These all affect our environment for future generations.Five Reasons Why You Should Eat Seasonally

4. Cleaner produce

Furthermore, while the organic farming process means we are not polluting our environment, it also follows on that those harmful chemicals found in conventional fruit, vegetables and meat products, are not making their way into our bodies. We are all aware that real food in its natural state is better for us than processed food. We are all aware that fast food and anything of that ilk should be a ‘sometimes food’ due to colours, additives and fillers added into them. So we should be aware that fruit, vegetables and meat that have had additives or chemicals come for the ride during the growing and farming process, are similarly not something of which we should expose our bodies. Just because conventional produce may sometimes look the same as organic produce, that doesn’t mean the nutrients inside are the same too.

5. Cleaner ideas and recipes

When you order from The Organic Place, you are not only receiving fresh, organic produce but you also have the opportunity to be part of a community of like-minded people who share knowledge, recipes and ideas. How does this make us and our environment cleaner and greener, you ask? Well, for example, the day before delivery day some people share how they have used up their leftover produce from the week before. This may seem like a small thing but the sharing of knowledge such as this may make people think twice before they throw a tired looking vegetable in the bin or compost. The Organic Place also shares weekly recipes. These are usually based on the fruit and veg that came in the general bag that week and gives people new meal ideas. This is especially important with produce that people may have never come across before, and also encourages less spaghetti bolognese

The Organic Place supports greener and cleaner: produce; materials for transporting products; and farming processes so that both our customers and our environment can reap the benefits. And another handy thing about ordering from The Organic Place – you never need to worry about remembering your green bags anyway because we deliver the goods to your door!

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