My Organic Story with Melissa Hickey

We love it when we find people that are just as passionate about healthy living and eating as us; and Melissa Hickey is one of those people. Melissa play defender for Melbourne in the AFL Women’s League and recently moved to the Geelong Football club. She is an absolute inspiration when it comes to living a healthy, active life. The Organic Place was proud to partner with Melissa during her debut season in the Womens AFL earlier and it is a partnership that continues; by providing her with all the organic goodness she needs to fuel her body and be on top of her game.

Tonight on the blog, Melissa talks to us about her love of sport, women’s health and why eating organic is so important to her.

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When and why did you first start playing football?

I first started playing football in Primary School in my Grade 5 and 6 Primary School team as the only girl amongst the boys. Then I played a few games in High School but due to a lack of opportunities to play football in the country I didn’t really properly start playing football until I was 24 when I found out there was a league in Melbourne (where I had move to for University).

What does a typical day/ week in the life of Melissa Hickey look like?

A typical week mid season looks like this:

Monday: Work at kb.performance, football touch session, upper body weights and recovery.

Tuesday: Early morning touch session, work at Melbourne Football Club, training at Darebin Falcons, lower body weights and ice bath.

Wednesday: Work at kb.performance, football touch session, upper body weights and recovery.

Thursday: Work at Melbourne Football Club, training at Darebin Falcons, lower body weights and ice bath.

Friday: Work at kb.performance, walk and maybe a light touch session.

Saturday: Game Day!

Sunday: Recovery, non-football activity, relax, catch up with family and friends.

Melissa working out at KB.Performance

How long have you been eating organic for and why did you start?

For about 10 years now, maybe more. I think I became aware how much pesticides are used on non-organic fruit and vegetables and I simply don’t want that in my body. As an athlete, I put so much time and energy into my training and preparation for performance that I believe what I put in my body is a big part of that. I also believe that organic farming and eating in season is much more in line with preserving the environment, which I am passionate about protecting. My mum and sister were a big influence as well as they both believed in the principles of organic food and the environment and helped educate me on these, my mum is a volunteer in Mildura at one of the local organic shops.

What’s your favourite on the go healthy snack?

I love a good home made protein ball, blended together with dates, brazil nuts, almonds and cacao nibs.

Favourite breakfast?

A smoothie is my favourite way to start the day, bananas, spinach, blueberries, ginger, dates, almonds, cacao nibs, coconut, protein powder and coconut milk.

What do you wish more people understood about eating organic?

I wish more people would understand the effect non-organic farming has on the land and the environment.

A snapshot Melissa took of one of her weekly Organic Place deliveries

What message would you like to send to other girls/women when it comes to living a healthy life and looking after yourself?

I think its important to know that everyone is different, and what is right for others is not necessarily right for others and that its so important to listen to your body and its wants and needs. I think as women we can be really hard on ourselves, so I’d tell women to be kind to themselves and to assess what they value and adjust their lifestyle and behaviours to those values. Most importantly I want them to pass on the message of dreaming big, set goals, make them big and work hard and plan until you achieve them!


Thanks Melissa.

If you’d like to follow Melissa’s ongoing health and fitness journey check out her instagram and facebook. And if you’d like to sign up to a weekly subscription bag just like Melissa you can do that here.



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