My Organic Story- Lynda from Clean Living Fitness

When you make your first purchase with The Organic Place you don’t only become a customer but also a part of a wonderful, fun and like minded community. We love engaging with our community, hearing their stories and supporting them in their own adventures. So tonight we have invited one of our special community members, Lynda from Clean Living Fitness, to share her story with us. Lynda has only just recently joined our community after we began delivering to the Surf Coast area where she lives. Please join us in welcoming Lynda!

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am a mum of four (crazy I know!) I love to stay fit and active, having two children on the Autism Spectrum it’s my time away from the therapy appointments, paperwork and endless worry. I couldn’t imagine life without lifting weights or running, it’s great for mental health and I always feel 100% better after a session.

Tell us about Clean Living Fitness 

Clean Living Fitness is an online health food store and I also do personal training; I love my clients!! Most are mums who are nervous at the start, but I love to chat (ha!) so by the end of the first session they are relaxed and love it!  I love seeing the change and the enthusiasm and them realising how amazing exercise makes you feel; both mentally and physically.  I started the health food side as an extra,.I was sick of paying crazy prices so my aim was to start something up that was affordable to everyone, keeping the prices low. I know the importance of my children eating well & am forever sourcing products that can go in the lunchbox or for convenience when we are in a rush. Everything on my website we use ourselves.

Why do you choose to eat organic?

The taste is amazing!  I want to feed my kids the best I can, my boy could eat 20 apples a day, it is his current obsession, so at least I know he is getting fresh, chemical free produce.  My kids are great at going to the fridge and grabbing a carrot or piece of fruit as organic tastes so much better.

Lynda’s haul from The Organic Place

What if your favourite winter recipe? 

I eat a plant based diet & I love salads, even in winter!  But adding roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, quinoa to spinach, tomatoes and whatever other salad vegetables you have makes it warm and nourishing.

Some of Lynda’s delicious meal and snack creations

Favourite snack when you need a boost of energy?

Date balls, fruit and I could eat broccoli chips all day, every day.  Also dairy free yoghurt where I add mulberries, goji berries and protein powder.

You can find out more about Clean Living Fitness on their Website, Facebook ,and Instagram

Thanks Lynda for sharing your story with us!


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