My Organic Story – Joanna

Joanna is an avid gardener and studies environmental science. She was dealing with a myriad of health issues when she decided to make a dramatic change to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. This huge lifestyle change brought Joanna increased wellness as well as peace of mind that her diet was not only supporting herself but the environment too. Here is the story of Joanna’s brave undertaking and the amazing results.

My Organic Story – Joanna

I’m really happy and excited to be telling my story today. Most of my close friends and family know how much I love plants, gardening and the environment. I think that’s what led me to study environmental science in 2004. Over the last few years I have been dealing with some pretty serious health issues and during this time I have done a lot of soul searching and began to ask myself why these things were happening.

I researched extensively, read countless books and watched lots of documentaries on health. I slowly began to realise what has been in front of my nose this whole time: my diet and lifestyle had played a huge role in causing so many of my health issues, if not all of them.That’s when I decided to change my diet and switch to a whole food plant based diet. I began to wake up to the fact that what I was putting in my body caused a lot of these problems. I thought maybe if I changed that I could promote health instead of illness. This reiterates the fact that I believe plants are nature’s medicine.

So after doing my research and deciding on this new journey of WFPB health I realised that I also had to eliminate the toxic chemical load on my body that was contributing to these factors. It’s surprising how many toxic chemicals are hidden in our everyday foods. There are the hormones, antibiotics and steroids in meat products, pesticides and fungicides sprayed on and ingested from the plants we eat, and the GMO crops that have these chemicals inbuilt into their DNA.

Finding The Organic Place

That’s when I found The Organic Place. I searched everywhere locally to try and find organic produce, but it was not always easy or practical running around to different stores and farmers markets. It became such a challenge to find the time, especially with work commitments. The Organic Place has made my healing journey so much easier for me and offers that reassurance that the organic produce I’m getting is truly organic. Supporting these farmers and growers should be a priority for everyone who is concerned about chemicals in our food. They do not get the government subsidies the giant chemical farmers get and many of them struggle to be viable businesses.

The proof is in the plants

I’ve been on a WFPB eating plan for just over a year now. Cutting out meat, dairy and eggs has not been easy, but the results have been dramatic for my health. My cholesterol is down eight points, I have lost ten kilograms and I have more energy. My skin and hair are healthier and the two tumours that my doctors were concerned about have shrunk in size. So instead of surgery my doctors opted for regular monitoring and a watch a wait protocol. My husband and daughter have been on my eating plan also, although they still eat a little meat and dairy. My husband’s cholesterol has also dropped eight points and he has lost weight. He had a scare of prostate cancer last year but luckily was given the all clear. His PSA markers have gone down from 6 – 3.8 since being on this eating protocol.

Buying organic is not always a cheaper option but for me the health benefits and the savings in medical costs outweigh this.
Also, cutting out most of the animal products allows me to afford this quite easily now. I am also lucky enough to have my own organic vegetable garden, so I try to supplement my groceries with my own as much as I can. Organic produce tastes so much better and not only that, organic fruits and vegetables produce more of the powerful phytochemicals that are needed to protect our immune system. Plants produce these phytochemicals as a defence mechanism to warn off pests and disease but when they are sprayed with pesticides and fungicides they no longer have a need to produce as many of these. It stands to reason then that plants that have built up more of their own immune resistance, help us to build more of our own immune resistance.

This has been a journey and a lifestyle change I am so glad I embarked on. It has given me my health and happiness back and hope for my future and my family. I give thanks to The Organic Place for their commitment to bringing this produce to busy families like ours, and for supporting the organic farmers. It’s not only good for our health, it’s good for the environment and for the planet.

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