Meet Your Organic Place Team: This is Stacey!

photo by Hyggelig Photography

Stacey came on board about four years ago and has been making delicious recipes with our organic produce ever since. And eating them all herself.

Tell us a bit about yourself. . .

I’m a big fan of reading, eating, and drinking wine in the bath. I live in the suburbs of Melbourne with two kids, one husband, one kelpie, three cats, and two chickens, which means my floors are usually filthy. I work at our primary school canteen making lunches and recess snacks for the staff and students; and this year I also went back to uni for postgraduate study in English Literature.

Yes, I’m tired.

When and why did you start to eat organic?

Number one: flavour. The food tastes like it is supposed to taste! I started being interested in organics in the mid-90s when one apple was about ten bucks.

I think it’s important to fuel our bodies with produce that was grown in accordance with practices that keep the earth healthy. I also want people to be paid correctly for what they do, and I want fruit and veg that is as natural as possible. I just want a carrot that tastes like real carrot. You are what you eat, you know! (like, literally…)

What do you think are the benefits of eating organic?

Fair pay x sustainable farming x soil health x true flavours

Where are you from?

Yikes, where do I start? I was born in Rushworth, a small town in the Goulburn Valley, and I have lived in country Victoria, outback Queensland, the beach, the west coast, an ill-advised stint in Sydney, similar on the central coast, enjoyed a tie-dye-and-incence phase in northern NSW, walked to primary school in the New England snow, and settled in Melbourne about six years ago.

What have you learned since joining The Organic Place family?

That non-organic strawberries are filled with the tears of small kittens. 

What are some of your favourite dishes?

 All of them, especially the ones with all the potatoes.

Any tips for fussy eaters?

Yes I’ll take them, absolutely. Thanks. What have you got?

What is your favourite fruit/veg?

mangoes and potatoes.

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