Meet The Maker Series: Remedy Kombucha

Meet The Maker Series: Remedy Kombucha

Meet The Maker Series: Remedy Kombucha

Meet The Maker Series: Remedy Kombucha

If you’ve ever wondered what that fizzy health drink, kombucha is all about and how you can enjoy it without the fuss of making it yourself, here are all your questions answered.

Emmet Condon, co-founder of Remedy Kombucha gives us the rundown on his and his wife’s business and all the wonderful facts about this delicious, all natural health drink.  Have you tried one yet?

1) Tell us a bit about yourself and Remedy Kombucha. . .

My wife Sarah and I started Remedy on our kitchen bench, quite literally. We had gotten into fermenting our own food and drinks as part of a wider change to our family’s diet to eat more real food. As our obsession grew, so did our passion. We soon saw an opportunity to turn this passion into a business that would offer more people the chance to enjoy a real, wholesome drink: a healthy, organic, guilt-free alternative to sugary soft drinks and fruit juices.

Remedy Kombucha is a fizzy live-cultured drink that’s tasty and good for you.  Our kombucha is chock-full of live cultures and organic acids that are good for your gut health and overall wellbeing. We make Remedy the old-school way, fermented in small batches using a long-aged brewing process which converts all of the sugar into healthy live cultures and organic acids.

2) Why did you decide you wanted to create this product?

We’d become increasingly frustrated with the food industry and the number of so-called ‘healthy’ products on shelves. Rather than focus on the negative, we decided to pour that energy into good by making something that was all-natural, good for you and – most importantly – tasty! Our aim was – and still is – to make authentic kombucha appealing and accessible to the widest possible audience, whilst also remaining committed to quality and traditional processes. Ultimately, we’d love to fill fridges everywhere with our tasty, live cultured drinks.

3) Where do you source your ingredients from?

The most important ingredient is our “mother culture” or SCOBY (Symbiotic Community of Bacteria and Yeast), the live culture that works its magic to transform sweet tea into kombucha gold! Every batch of Remedy is made using a descendant of the very same mother culture we started out with on our kitchen bench, which has been brewing kombucha in Australian homes for the past 45 years. That’s a sign of a very healthy culture indeed!

In terms of our other ingredients, we choose to source the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients for health, environment and taste.


4) What is a typical day in your business like?

There really is no typical day! Since launching in 2012, we have grown rapidly, going from the kitchen bench to outgrowing three fermentary facilities in a few short years. Sarah and I are still very much involved in all facets of the day-to-day business, from sourcing ingredients, brewing and production right through to marketing and working with customers.

The biggest change in recent times has been the growth of our team to assist in meeting the growing demand and love for Remedy throughout Australia, New Zealand and now the UK, where we just launched at the start of this month.


5) What do you wish more people understood about products like Remedy Kombucha?

The biggest one is that not all kombucha is created equal, when it comes to both taste and content. Although awareness of and love for kombucha has grown rapidly since we started Remedy, the commercial kombucha market is still relatively young in Australia. We therefore believe we have a big role to play in education, not just on what kombucha is, but what to look for when choosing a brand. We recommend taking a closer look to check three key factors when choosing kombucha.

1. Sugar content:

While sugar is an essential ingredient in making in kombucha, it is meant to be consumed during fermenting. Our unique, long-aged fermentation process brews out all of the sugar, making us the only kombucha that naturally contains no sugar

2. Raw & real:

 Kombucha needs to be made via a natural fermentation process and kept raw and unpasteurised in order to retain its goodness for maximum health and wellness benefits.

3. Organic status:

If a kombucha is labelled as organic, check to make sure it is certified organic. It’s the best way to trust that it is 100% natural and that the supply chain and production process has been vetted.


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  1. Linda Fuhart says:

    Love the Remedy kombucha. Would it be possible to buy a small Scooby. I like brewing my own when the weather permits.
    Also can I pick my order up?

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