Meet The Grower: Three Mama’s

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and Three Mama’s. . .

A question we are often asked is “so who are the Three Mamas?”

Well… surprise! Three Mamas is actually a Mama and a Papa!

My name is Monique, I am the Mama and the General Manager of All Things Computer Related. The Papa is my husband Adrian, and he is the General Manager of Manufacturing, Logistics and Gargantuan Ideas.

Beginning our relationship over 30 years ago as baby faced 13-year-olds, we have enjoyed many adventures together including travelling and living in different parts of Australia and the world, working in a variety of jobs, running different businesses and (our favourite) becoming parents of two amazing daughters who were born in 2009 and 2011.

The name Three Mamas was given by the founders of the business – two lovely women who in 2012 (with the help of Mother Earth) set out to solve the problem of stinky armpits with a solution that was natural, toxin free and actually worked. This experiment resulted in the development of Three Mamas very first product – our fabulous organic deodorant paste.

In 2019 Adrian and I were ready to move on from the rigorous hours and demanding nature of our organic pizza and ice cream shop so we started looking at businesses for sale that would be better suited to a flexible family lifestyle. We came across the listing for Three Mamas and fell in love with the products and values. Having always leaned towards chemical free and organic, we immediately knew it was a business we believed in and could feel proud of.

Since taking on Three Mamas, we have relaunched it with an expanded product line plus a brand new website and fresh branding. We look forward to continuing to improve, expand and help you, our valued customers, with your toxin free journey.

2. Why did you decide you wanted to create an organic product?

We have always leaned towards organic and chemical free products so it felt natural and something we could believe in and be proud of.

3. Where do you source your ingredients from?

We use certified organic ingredients (where available), and they are sourced from Australian suppliers who themselves source the ingredients from within Australia and all over the world.

4. What is a typical day in your business like?

We are a husband and wife team with two daughters so our day usually does not go to plan! Typically, we are up getting the girls ready and dropped off at their respective schools then we split up to do administration and manufacturing and processing of orders and then off to the post office to send off orders.

5. What do you wish more people understood about organic products like those from Three Mama’s?

We don’t need to use products that are full of chemicals to find something that is effective. Mother nature has provided everything we need!

6. We’re can we hang out with you on your socials?

You can now purchase some of The Three Mama’s range of producst here!



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