Meet the Grower: Greenwood Orchards

Meet the Grower: Greenwood Orchards

Meet the Grower: Greenwood Orchards

In this episode of our Meet the Grower Series we meet a family run business, Greenwood Orchards, which has been around for well over one hundred years. Greenwood Orchards specialise is producing bio-dynamic apples, pears as whole fruit, and juice from these fruits that is additive free!

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.
    Greenwood Orchards is located at Merrigum in the Goulburn Valley, about 170 kilometres north of Melbourne. We are a certified Demeter Bio-Dynamic Apple and Pear orchard, selling whole fruit and
    fruit juices. Established in 1906, the orchard is currently managed by fourth generation Lynton and Joan Greenwood and their children.
    The apple varieties we grow include mainly Granny Smiths, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, Fuji, Braeburn, Royal Gala and Sundowners. The pear varieties include Packham, Williams, Winter Nelis, Buerre Bosc, Josephine Clapps, Red D’Anjou, Green D’Anjou and Red Sensation. Lynton uses a number of distributors, the largest being the Biodynamic Marketing Company, which sends his pears and apples to most Australian states. The orchard has a juice processing plant, where part of each harvest is processed into Biodynamic juices: pear, apple, and apple/pear. The juices have no additives and are pasteurised at the lowest possible temperature in order to retain the inherent nutritional quality of the fruit.                                                                      Meet the Grower: Greenwood Orchards
  2. Why did you decide you wanted to go organic?
    During the early years of the orchard, the only additives used were organic fertilisers such as green manure. In 1964, Farrie converted to Bio-Dynamics under the guidance of Alex Podolinsky. Alex Podolinsky is a Demeter Bio-Dynamic pioneer who has driven the widespread and highly successful application of Demeter Bio-Dynamic farming in Australia. Lynton now continues the legacy that his father initiated, developing the Demeter Bio-Dynamic method. The key objectives are to produce quality fruit offering nutritional value and flavour, and to nourish the soil.                                  Meet the Grower: Greenwood Orchards
  3. What is a typical day for you like?
    Work at the orchard depends on the season. We are now approaching the end of harvest, so juice production is in full swing. During summer Lynton is kept super busy keeping up with irrigation, green manuring, applying Demeter Bio-Dynamic preparations, as well as managing up to thirty staff who are picking, sorting and packing.Meet the Grower: Greenwood Orchards
  4. What do you wish more people knew about organic?
    Lynton wishes people knew more about Demeter Bio-Dynamics, which is a true Organic system. You can find out more here: and if you would like to read more.
  5. How can the people of Australia support our local farmers more?
    Buy Australian produce.

You can add Greenwood Orchards organic pear and apple juice, organic apple juice and organic pear juice to your weekly shop here. You can trust us when we say it’s the best juice you will have ever tasted! And it comes in a glass bottle! Thanks for sharing your story.

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  1. Julie Van Kerkwijk says:

    Hi love your produce and kindness…
    I’ve been supporting your family business for years… as I e a great respect for soul health and land management especially when all creatures great and small are included… a couple of thoughts I’d love to take part in visiting your property and participating in a field day… 2 I also have so many bottles which I’ve collected and it saddens me that they are not being returned and reused… thoughts on how to reduce our your footprint…
    Kind Regards Julie

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