Meet the Farmer Series: Bob’s Mandarin Farm

One thing that is really important to The Organic Place is supporting local aussie farmers. Over the next few months we’ll be introducing and interviewing some of the local organic farmers we source our fresh produce from. They are hard workers who dedicate their lives to farming and have some amazing stories to tell!

As mandarins are currently coming into season, we thought we’d start the series by interviewing our mandarin supplier.

Meet Bob. He owns and runs Bob and Chris’ Mandarin Farm and has been on the land farming since 1974.

Meet the farmer,

We asked Bob how he got into organic farming:

My children came home from school one day in the early 1980’s and told me not spray nasty pesticides. After some research and thought I agreed they were right to say so. We became certified organic with NASAA in around 1987 and the rest is history.

Meet the farmer,

What Bob wants us to know about organic farming:

After going organic our flavours and eating quality got better and better. Unfortunately many consumers and suppliers give priority to appearance over taste. Many farmers are forced to meet the shelf appearance standards of supermarkets to the detriment of the real taste of food grown naturally. Unfortunately our crazy hot humid weather has never failed in blemishing the exterior skin of our fruit, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste great! I would be surprised if the majority of people these days have ever had the experience of the wonderful taste of naturally grown fresh fruit. If the fruit is sound and has the flavours it is a joy’s experience to let the flavours linger on the palette.

Obviously we use no pesticides or herbicides. Our citrus is all grown on chicken litter, fish emulsion, and seaweed tree found locally, and that process has never failed to deliver great flavour.

Meet the farmer,

The Future:

Unfortunately Bob’s wife Chris passed away a little over 12 months ago after 40 years of wonderful marriage, so at the young age of 68 he is contemplating retirement but staying on the land.

One last message from Bob:

Thankyou so much for supporting organic Farmers!

To see an amazing fly over video of Bob’s farm click here.

A bit of information about mandarins:

Currently in season, mandarins not only make for a tasty snack but are also highly nutritious.

Mandarins are:

  • A great source of vitamin A and C and fibre
  • Low in calories and fat
  • Helpful in lowering cholesterol
  • A healthy, portable and rubbish free snack

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