Mash Potato With Sauteed Cabbage

Opening up my bag this week i was inspired to make a family favourite side dish of Mashed Potato with tangy sautéed cabbage. I am maltese mostly but have some slovenian family too and this dish comes from there. I have always been inspired by the baltic and eastern european nations with their foods. They can make a few ingredients into fantastic tasty meals.

You can make your mash potato as you like. Personally, I NEVER peel my potatoes. All the nutrients and flavour of a potato is in the skins. Also never be afraid of butter when making mash, or cream for that matter!



4 medium unpeeled potatoes – boiled in salted water

100 grams butter

70 ml cream

1/2 Small cabbage

1/2 med brown onion


Heat cream and butter together before adding to the hot boiled potatoes – cold ingredients scare the potatoes and make them clench and not absorb the ooey deliciousness of the cream/butter combo. Heating them first makes the mash fluffy.

Finely slice and cook the cabbage on medium heat in a fry pan with 2 tbsp of butter, 1 tbspoon olive oil and salt and pepper to taste until the cabbage has wilted.


Combine this warm cabbage mixture to the warm mashed potatoes and add 3 tablespoons of white vinegar. Mix thoroughly and serve.


You can also add fried bacon pieces to the cabbage mix for an added meaty goodness. My husbands favourite.

Its my favourite thing to serve with Glazed Meatloaf.







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