Lamb Salad Wraps with Tzatziki

Lamb Salad Wraps with Tzatziki

Lamb Salad Wraps with Tzatziki


When I received my bag of veggies this week and saw all those beautiful salad ingredients and the extra treat of beetroot and ginger sauerkraut, I immediately thought of planning one of my family’s favourite recipes, Lamb Salad Wraps.  It is usually something we eat in the warmer weather on the back deck where we can be a bit messy (especially the kids with the wraps) after my husband has grilled the lamb on the barbecue.  While it isn’t quite typical spring weather yet, the sunshine this weekend is encouraging!

Lamb Salad Wraps with Tzatziki

Regardless of the weather, this is a great family meal because essentially everyone can choose what they would like in their wrap.  We pop the plate of carved lamb, plate of wraps, a large bread board of the salad ingredients and the bowl of homemade tzatziki in the middle of the table and everyone can dig in. The parents might prefer to eat the dish as a salad; one of the kids might want to eat all their ingredients separately; another one might not want to eat any meat on that day – it doesn’t matter, as long as they eat something, it’s all good, healthy food, and so simple and easy for a quick dinner!

Lamb Salad Wraps with Tzatziki




Lamb Salad Wraps

500 gram lamb leg steaks

Two packets of wraps of your choice (you probably want at least two per person,

 three perhaps for teenagers or adults)

Rocket and/or mixed lettuce

 Half a punnet cherry tomatoes, sliced

One medium carrot, grated

Quarter of a capsicum, diced

Two cucumbers, sliced lengthways

Beetroot sauerkraut (optional)

Two avocados, chopped or smashed (optional)

Your choice of  cheese, grated or sliced


One cup of Greek yoghurt

One clove of garlic, finely chopped or crushed

Quarter of a cucumber finely diced


Lamb Salad

When the grill or pan is at a medium to high heat, add the lamb steaks and cook for three minutes on each side.

Assemble all the salad ingredients on a large bread board or in separate bowls.

Lamb Salad Wraps with Tzatziki

When the lamb is cooked, slice into strips and place on a plate to share.


Put the Greek yoghurt into a small bowl and stir through the garlic and cucumber thoroughly.

In my opinion this is best served with tzatziki on the wrap first, mixed salad next, then go to town with what you like, and lamb and cheese last before wrapping.  For littlies, it’s best to roll the wrap as tightly as you can and pop it straight into their little hands.  For adults or big kids I like to wrap mine left and right sides first and then bottom of the wrap upwards for less spillage and to accommodate the huge filling.  Enjoy!

Lamb Salad Wraps with Tzatziki

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