Katrina’s San Choy Bow with Cabbage

San Choy Bow with cabbage

Our resident Organic Place chef (aka- Sarah) took off today on a three week holiday to Japan (lucky duck!) So we recently put the call out to see if any of our wonderful community group members would like to step into Sarah’s shoes and have a go at making and sharing a recipe with us while she’s away. Katrina was the first to put her hand up. You might remember Katrina from a previous blog post she did for us on 10 tips get your kids to eat healthy. She also has her own blog over at A Pocketful of Time (check it out). It appears Katrina is not only a great writer but a great cook too! The proof is in this post as she shares with us a great dish to make using the cabbage from this weeks bags.

San Choy Bow with cabbage

As a mum I am constantly trying to find ways to get my children to eat a wide range of vegetables.  My last couple of attempts with cabbage didn’t go over so well.  Firstly, I tried the lovely gluten free goodness of cabbage noodles (literally cabbage chopped into ribbons and softened in a pan) with our usual beef stroganoff recipe.  Needless to say my husband nor children wanted to partake in eating the tasty spaghetti alternative.  My last attempt of coleslaw atop of baked potatoes didn’t go over well with anyone else either and I had a surplus of coleslaw salad lunches for myself for days while my family members digested their unhealthy bacon and cheese topping instead.

When I read that cabbage would be a new addition to the Organic Place mixed bag this week, these past experiences immediately came to mind and I resolved that I would once again try to sneak cabbage into my family’s diet.  However, this time I decided I may have to be a little bit James Bond about it all, and disguise it carefully within an exciting hands-on and delectable experience.

Katrina’s Take on San Choy Bow


Tablespoon of peanut oil

500 g pork mince

300g Cabbage, chopped finely

One carrot, grated

One Zucchini, grated

Half a green capsicum finely diced

Corn kernels from one corn husk

Two tablespoons Soy sauce (or to your liking)

One tablespoon fish sauce

Approximately half a head of whole lettuce leaves for serving


Combine the vegetables in a bowl

San Choy Bow with cabbage

Heat the peanut oil in the pan on medium heat

Add the pork mince and heat through till almost brown

San Choy Bow with cabbage

Add the vegetables to the pan and stir well for a few minutes

Add in sauces and mix well

San Choy Bow with cabbage

Remove from heat

Serve two-three tablespoons of the mince/vegetable mixture in lettuce leaves and enjoy!

San Choy Bow with cabbage
My children are really not fond of lettuce so I was pleasantly surprised when my eldest son did attempt the dish at my request and proceeded to have three more lettuce cupfuls.  My younger son ate the mince mixture in a bowl sans lettuce leaves – still a win, really.  And my little miss tried a spoonful or two.  I’m claiming she doesn’t count because she’s a toddler.  My husband polished all that was left when he arrived home later so I am calling it a win!

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