Introducing Sarah

Not too long ago we sent out a survey to all of our Organic Place customers (thank you to everyone who replied) to find out a bit more about you all, what you think of us and more importantly what more we can do to make your experience with The Organic Place the best it can be. One thing that many of you said was that you would like to see more recipe ideas; new and simple ideas for things you can create using your Organic Place produce. So we’ve taken that feedback on board and found a great way to do just that!

Introducing Sarah….



Sarah has a great passion for food that started when she was just a young child. She went on to study Hospitality Management and has been working in the industry for over fifteen years. Sarah now runs her own business, Simply Home Services, which provides not only cooking and catering but also cleaning, laundry services and grocery shopping. Imagine going to work and coming home to a tidy house, stocked cupboards and a home cooked meal. Yes please!

Sarah and Brooke (The Organic Place owner) have been friends for 28 years. I’ve been told that Brooke used to knock on Sarah’s bedroom window in the early hours of the morning after a big night out asking Sarah to make her some scrambled eggs. Apparently Sarah would happily oblige and even make Brooke a milo to go with it (what a great friend!) These days, Sarah has moved on to making Brooke’s three kids popcorn, they tell me it’s the “best popcorn on the planet” and whenever Brooke tries to replicate it she is met with cries of “that’s not how Sarah makes it!


An example of Sarah’s cooking…how good does this look!

And now, we’re excited to say that Sarah has joined The Organic Place team! She will be creating weekly recipes ideas using our in season produce to share with you here on the blog every Friday. How awesome is that! So join us in welcoming Sarah and be sure to pop back here on Friday to see what she creates this week.

You can find her first recipe of a simple mash potato with sautéed cabbage here.

If you’d like to find out more about Sarah’s Simply Home Services just head here.

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