Introducing Kaelli…

We’ve got lots of exciting plans for The Organic Place this year and one of them is offering some workshops for our wonderful community to inspire and inform you to live a happier, healthier life. We’ve engaged a wonderful, passionate, local Naturopath and Nutritionist who will be running the first of many workshops, focusing on gut health. Tonight, we introduce you to Kaelli and she shares her story with us; it’s raw, honest and inspiring. Introducing Kaelli….

Hi, I’m Kaelli, I’m a Naturopath and Nutritionist who loves outdoor adventure, healthy eating, hosting food parties, lifting weights and getting sweaty in a cross-fit or high intensity cardio class. I love being around kind + positive people, having pajama night-ins, brunching at my favourite cafes and dancing all night long to old school RnB!

At the age of 17 I was graduating from college with VCE and dux of Drama. I  was highly stressed, had very poor eating habits and was exercising for 20 minutes daily (walking to and from school 5 days a week). I wasn’t happy and didn’t appreciate how I looked. I was mentally exhausted from fighting bullying, and the expectations I had of myself and education were extremely high. I was still in the middle of trying to find out who I was and where I wanted to go in life. My sights on the career I wanted to build was foggy but the one thing I knew I wanted was to be was successful, happy and in love with what I would pursue.

In 2013 (a year later) I was still insecure and confused, and I didn’t like it. Everyday I would crave for a fresh start and healthy change, but I was too lazy to do anything about it.. that was until I realized the only person who can change you, is you. So I enrolled into a business course (anything was better than nothing right?) and joined the gym for 12 months. Less than a couple months later I felt a change within myself as my confidence grew – my skin cleared up. I had unintentionally lost weight and I was happier! I felt like I was in the right mind….

Two years later I learnt that ‘right mind’ wasn’t so ‘right’. I became caught up in the craze of body image ‘perfection’ and obsession with magazine covers, social media and body comparisons to my sister and friends. I lost more weight (15kg to be exact), but at a dangerously faster pace. How? I starved my body – I quit carbohydrates, over exercised (2 hours + per day) and ate below 1000 calories per day. I started to create a restriction rule to food. No carbs. No milkshakes. No pizza. No pasta. No biscuits. No cooking sweets. No to going out for dinner with friends and family because I couldn’t control what I was eating or how something was cooked. NO to everything except salads, exercise and water.

Although I was eating healthier, my body and mind STILL went into shock and began to shut down. I lost my period. I acquired allergies and intolerances. I couldn’t get past midday without feeling tired. I became moody and impatient. I stopped socialising, I fell back into an unhappy phase with my body, food AND mind. I didn’t know what to do, and I wasn’t aware of how my obsessions would affect me in the long run, until now, when I reflect. Throughout those fears and stages and realizing hating on my body was affecting everything in my life, I explored many different thinking pathways and gradually found the road I wanted to be on: recovery!!!

I sought out help with a counsellor and psychologist who specialized in disordered eating and body image to help guide me through my feelings and emotions. Admitting I needed help was the first step I needed to take. I was terrified and anxious about doing so, but living in silence struggling and not knowing what it felt like to be a 20-year-old, was heartbreaking and not a place I wanted to be anymore.

Learning to love who I am is a major part in my recovery. So is developing a healthy relationship between my body and food. I’ve been studying Health Science: Nutritional Medicine and Naturopathy for the last 3 years, which I absoulutley love because I feel like its an opportunity where I can share my experiences and lessons with others who may be going through similar thoughts or situations. I cant wait to empower and further teach the sense of love, peace, health, awareness and enjoyment to others. I cant wait to share my journey and inspire others to live a healthy life.

I’ve come a long way and don’t think I will ever stop learning. I still have days where I loose motivation and crave to lay in a bed of jam and nutella filled donuts, but that’s okay, because 1) who doesn’t dream of that? and 2) NOW I remember why I’m on this journey….To free myself from obsession, restriction and negativity for a life full of happiness, balance and love…. which I can hopefully help others achieve too.

Here’s to positive progress, falling in love, and living with health!

Kaelli has a wonderful website with lots of great articles and healthy recipes that you can check out HERE. You can also follow Kaelli on FACEBOOK.

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