Introducing Your Friendly Fruit and Veg Bags

The Organic Place mixed Bags


Hi everyone! We’re The Organic Place fruit and veg bags.  There are a few of us around and we’re all a little bit different so I thought I’d introduce you to everyone.

Fruit Bags

Firstly, there’s the Fruit Bags, which obviously contain fruit!  Like all of the bags, they come in three sizes, Small, Medium and Family.  Small bags are a great size for a single or a couple; Medium suits a small family of three; and Family is for a bigger family of four or five.  But of course, this is merely a suggestion – you may find you need a larger or smaller size depending on how you and your family eat.  Now, the bags contain a lovely sample of the organic fruit found fresh at the market on any given week so while you don’t get to choose what you get, you do get a lovely surprise!  If however, there’s a particular fruit you can’t or don’t eat, you can let us know in the comments section when you order.   (This also applies to any of the bags).  You may also notice that during the Winter months there is less variety of fruit than in the Summer when those crazy Queenslanders, like Mango and Avocado go off their trees and are more plentiful.

Vegetable Bags

Next, there’s the Veggie Bags (just between you and me, they are aren’t as sweet as the Fruit Bags but they are pretty down to earth).  The Veggie Bags also come in Small, Medium and Family sizes.  They contain a great sample of fresh, organic vegetables that are available from the market.  Once again, it’s a lovely surprise to see what you get in the bag each week.  You may notice that during the Winter months the bags are that bit heavier with a larger variety of root vegetables.  This is in stark contrast to Summer’s vegetables that are more your lightweight, salad-type stuff.  Lucky that salads are so perfect for Summer.  Am I right or am I right?

Mixed Bag

I’ve saved the best till last – me!  The Mixed Bag.  I contain a variety of both the beautiful fruit AND vegetables from the market.  I also come in Small, Medium or Family sized bags.  As with my other friends, you may notice from week to week that the amount of produce inside me may differ.  This is not only due to the season but also whether Brooke and her awesome team can get any bargains at the market that week.  If we can get a good deal, of course we are going to pass that on to our customers!  Another fantastic thing about any of the bags you order, is that you can get a weekly or fortnightly subscription for us.  How much would you like to see me on your doorstep every week, without you even having to remember to order? By subscribing you could save up to $400 a year (hmmm. . .what could you buy with those savings?) AND you’re not locked into the subscription;  you can suspend or cancel it at anytime.

The Organic Place mixed Bags

You might be also happy to know that I am a completely recyclable bag, and you can also give me back to The Organic Place to reuse again!  Talk about saving time, money, and the environment.  What a win, win, win situation!  Hope I see you next week when you open your door on Thursday!  Ciao!

The Organic Place mixed Bags

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