Organic Zucchini Stir-Fry

The Organic Place presents a delectable recipe for zucchini stir fry, infused with the fresh flavors of seasonal organic zucchinis. This simple yet flavorful dish can be easily prepared using the zucchinis from our mixed fruit and veg bags, ensuring a healthy and wholesome meal for your work lunch tor as a delightful side dish
Enjoy the wonderful flavors of this organic zucchini stir-fry!

Homemade Organic Loaded Fries

Homemade Organic Loaded Fries

A quick and easy lunch time snack that will please everyone!   Print Recipe Homemade Organic Loaded Fries Sunday brunch this weekend was a quick creation with what I could find in the freezer and the cupboard, firstly because how many times can you hear “I’m hungry” and secondly because well just like everyone else, […]

Garlic Chilli Chicken

Garlic Chilli Chicken

Do you have that one dish that you could eat everyday? For us it’s this Garlic Chilli Chicken recipe. In fact we love it that much we eat it once a fortnight! It’s super easy to make and has such amazing flavours with minimal ingredients. And with chillies currently in season, it’s the perfect way […]

Easy Breaky Quiches

We’re all guilty of skipping breakfast sometimes because we’re so busy rushing to get everyone off to school and work. With these Easy Breaky Quiches you can have a protein rich, healthy meal ready to go every morning. When you’re doing your bacon and eggs on the weekend, just spend a little longer in the […]

Beef Nachos

What could be better for family movie night than Beef Nachos? This favourite snack can be easily made into a filling meal. Simply add some protein to the sauce for an extra ample layer. You could make individual plates or bowls for each family member or you might choose a larger plate for everyone to […]

Peter’s Paella

Peter’s Paella is a classic Spanish dish that the whole family will love. You can pack it with any number of vegetables, meat or seafood. The spices give the rice an authentic flavour. My father-in-law, Peter, is not Spanish himself but he has taken this on as his signature dish after the family visited Spain […]