Organic Surf n Turf

Organic Surf n Turf

Print Recipe Organic Surf n Turf A little spin on the classic “Organic Surf and Turf” which traditionally involves lobster, this tantalising version using prawns really does taste as good as it looks, maybe even better! A classic pepper steak drizzled in a thick, dairy free, smoky paprika sauce, will add a simple decadence to […]

Middle-Eastern Vegetable Salad

This is such a simple dish rich with the honest, earthy flavour of the veg, and a tangy, sharp dressing. The obligatory handful of fresh herbs over the top ties it all together for the salad you won’t be able to stop making all summer long. This kind of salad (or even this kind of […]

Asparagus + The Easiest Hollandaise Sauce Ever!

We can’t tell you how much better-tasting organic asparagus is – we’re sure you already know! – and often only needs a little salt and something yum to dip it in. Enter: hollandaise sauce. Absolutely perfect with the seasonal treat that is asparagus, but also notoriously difficult to make at home. The sauce can split, […]