Organic Sweet Orange Lamb Tagine

Organic Sweet Orange Lamb Tagine

Print Recipe Organic Sweet Orange Lamb Tagine This organic sweet orange lamb tagine is exactly what you need on a chilly Autumn day. Its soul soothing, warm, hearty and using grass fed lamb honestly makes it taste even better. In this dish we cook the lamb in orange juice and a little honey to bring […]

Veggie Quinoa Salad

Fancy enough for a dinner party, filling enough for a lunchbox – she’s a winner! Personally I love the mix of soft and crunchy veggies, all wrapped up in fresh herbs, but please do use whatever you have on hand. The dressing is a sweet/piquant mix of red wine vinegar and honey, but is accommodating […]

Summer Salad Bowls

One of the best ways to get a rainbow on your plate! Print Recipe Summer Salad Bowls Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Add to Meal Plan: Select Course to Add: BreakfastLunchSnackDinnerDessert This recipe has been added to your Meal Plan Add to Shopping List This recipe is in your Shopping List Course […]