Chicken and Mushroom Casserole

Creamy and hearty, this casserole will see you through anything. Make a jumbo batch and portion your leftovers up into single serves, as it freezes super well and is so handy when you need to grab something for work. Serve with rice, crusty bread, mashed potato and a green vegetable, or under a layer of […]

Lacto-Fermented Pickles

Tangy, delicious and garlicky, these fermented pickles are just like your favourite vinegar-pickled dill cucumbers but with the added bonus of gut-friendly bacteria. And the *bonus* bonus? the brine can be drunk as an extra boost of goodness when you feel like you need it. Nothing is wasted here! The brine and flavouring combination is […]

Organic Spicy Lamb Curry

Organic Spicy Lamb Curry

Print Recipe Organic Spicy Lamb Curry A classic Sri Lankan Lamb Curry, simple, wholesome and incredibly delicious! This curry is made with a combination of South Asian spices, beautiful grass fed lamb and organic coconut milk to produce a nice, thick, spicy curry you’ll want to devour as soon as it’s finished cooking. I love […]

Lebanese Green Beans

Allow me to make a case for overcooked beans: they are AMAZING. Sure they go a little more olive-coloured than the snap-steamed bright green that we’re used to (and perhaps reminds us a little of the overcooked veg our nans might serve up when we were kids), but as far as vegetables go, beans can […]

Organic Roasted Golden Leeks

Organic Roasted Golden Leeks

Print Recipe Roasted Golden Leeks I think we’ve all heard about the amazing effects of adding Turmeric to our diets, but you may not know is that you actually need a little bit of black pepper to help your body absorb all those nutrients into your body. This quick organic roasted golden leek recipe shows […]

Organic Pickled Kale Stems

Wait – don’t throw out those kale stems! Ok, ok, I know you’re not throwing them out. You’re sauteeing them with garlic and chilli. Or feeding them to the chooks. Or composting them. But you know what I mean. A 250ml glass jar will hold about one bunch worth of kale stems and take about […]