How To Ripen Avocados

Your really want an avocado but everyone you pick up it just too firm to eat? I have lost count how many times this has happened to me and it’s always when I want an avocado for a meal that day.

So one day while at the wholesale fruit and veggie markets a lovely lady called Jen from Organic Growers Group, let me in on a little secret.

Bananas! As bananas ripen, they give off significant quantities of ethylene, a natural ripening agent. The ethylene bananas give off naturally when ripening is the same ethylene that is used in ripening rooms, but because we’re talking organic here no Certified Organic fruit and vegetables go through this process. 

So your left with a hard avocado and a bunch of bananas. What next?

You can experiment yourself by placing a banana inside a brown paper bag with a hard avocado. Ethylene from the banana will speed up the ripening process for the avocado.

I don’t need our avocado in the next day or two so I’v just place them in the fruit bowl next to the bananas.

Oh and before I forget, storing avocados in the fridge will SLOW the ripening process, so they are best kept at room temperature.

Enjoy x