Home Made Icy Poles

Kids LOVE icy poles! As most of us know those store brought ones are FULL of sugars, preservatives & colorants and are absolutely no good for our children.

So this week, in preparation for Melbourne’s hot summer (fingers crossed), the girls and myself made our own home made icy poles and what a great activity it was.

We had a large collection of Sinchies Reusable food pouches to use, so we quickly got to work making our home made icy poles.

Best part for me, this year I have a Nutra-Bullet! In went the coconut water and cup of mixed berries and in no more that 20 seconds we had the contents of our icy poles ready to go. Healthy, homemade, icy poles that probably cost 10 cents each to make.

Next request, coconut water and mangos, done again in no more than 20 seconds.

This led me to a great idea. Everyday when I make a juice, I’m going to make 5-6 icy poles full of fruit and veggies! What a sneaky way to make sure the kids are getting a good serve of all the healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetables their growing bodies need, cause what kid ever said “NO” to an icy pole?

So here’s a few more icy pole recipes we made this week.

Strawberries, blueberries, tbs of chia seeds, 4 kale leaves and water.

Banana, apples (organic apples are not in season – wash cold stored apples in vinegar and warm water to remove pesticides), cinnamon, chia seeds and water.

Spinach, mint, apple, cucumber, celery and water. (this one is very refreshing)

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