Common Gut Complaints & How To Use Food To Fix Them – September 17th 2017 – 222 Ferris Road Melton South 3338

Gut health is more than just a buzz word; it’s extremely important for
your overall health and wellbeing. Poor gut health has been shown to be
strongly linked to a whole range of physical and mental health issues
including poor immunity, sickness and disease, stress and anxiety, obesity
and more.

Run by Qualified Natropath Chantelle Bell, this session will cover a
variety of topics centred on gut health including:

  • Common gut complaints (reflux, bloating, food intolerances and bowel issues etc).
  • Understanding good bacteria, pre and probiotics.
  • How to use food, including fermented foods, to manage gut issues and
  • improve overall health and wellbeing.

The session will be engaging and interactive providing participants with a
better understanding of all facets of gut health.

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