Upcoming Workshops:


Introduction of Mindfulness for Small Business Owners

  • Do youfind it hard to switch offyour busy business mind?

  • Feel overwhelmed and confused when making decisions for your business?

  • Feel concerned about your finances within your business?

  • Get easily annoyed with challenges faced in your business?

Then join us for an insightful and interactive workshop facilitated by Suzanne Marambio from Present Mindfulness Academy.  This informative event will help you learn about the four foundations of mindfulness,  explore what are the top 5 challenges faced by small businesses and how to apply mindfulness to overcome and manage the issues.

Attendees will experience two types of formal meditation guides to help reduce and manage stress better. This type of formal mindfulness practice will help build up new neural pathways in the brain to create better focus and confidence to work through challenges for small business owners.  Each attendee will also receive a complimentary flyer to remind you about the key points from the workshop.

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Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

  • Are you feeling distracted and scattered?
  • Physically worn down?
  • Annoyed by others around You?
  • Stuck and frustrated?

Come to our informative session facilitated by Suzanne Marambio from Present Mindfulness Academy. Suzanne will teach you about what is Mindfulness and the amazing benefits of this vital life skill.

Attendees will learn the four foundations of mindfulness, experience first hand guided formal meditation practices and receive a complimentary flyer about the key points shared in this workshop.


Get your tickets here: https://bit.ly/2Rufccb