Growing Tomatoes

Traditionally in our family I’ve always ben told you plant tomatoes on Melbourne Cup weekend.

Ben couldn’t wait and planted his about two weeks before hand and reminds me every day how big his already are and how right now, if the competition was based on size, he would be winning. Of course I waited until Cup Weekend in the hope that following tradition would get me over the line and produce a beautiful fruiting tomato plant full of dozens of juicy red tomatoes rather than a big bushy plant with more leaves than fruit.

Just like any other fruit trees tomatoes need lots of water, so I decide to plant mine along side some PVC pipe I had pre-drilled some holes into. This way as those roots start to grown downwards they still have easy access to the water they need to produce a good amount of fruit.

I didn’t tell Ben my trick or why I was doing it but, I hope that this helps me to victory in our tomato growing competition. It’s also a good way to water tomatoes as it reduces the chance of fungus and disease forming from water that is splashed about on the leaves when watering.

There’s also the pruning of tomatoes and if done correctly this too can help yield a greater amount of tomatoes.

If you decide to prune, it’s really a very simple process. What you are looking for are the tomato “suckers,” which grow in the “V” space between the main stem and the branches on your tomato plant. If left to grow, this would eventually grown into a full sized branch, adding lots of foliage and eventually a few fruits. It will also result in a tomatoes plant that quickly outgrows its space in the garden.

So to prune, you simply remove these “suckers,” by pinching them off with your fingers! Hopefully these little tricks will help my tomatoes win the competition!

The other great thing about tomatoes is that they can be grown in small spaces. Plant them in a large pot in a sunny position and in a few months time you have your own home grown juicy tomatoes ready to eat whenever you like, free of nasty pesticides and chemicals.

Ben’s also planted a few cherry tomatoes upside down in a tub this year to make use of space as pictured below.

If your house is anything like ours,DSC_0779 DSC_0780
DSC_0706 DSC_0708 you might need to have a plant each for your children so when they are outside playing they can have their own tomatoes to pick and eat, saving the other plants for mum and dad to pick!